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“The stars seem to have aligned themselves… His playing achieves an aim of “stillness” in the air that is certainly evident.”
4/5 stars    – Peter Wockner, Jazz and Beyond 

The Tim Clarkson Trio is an intimate band with bite to their playing. They bring together elements of music often at odds with each other: their compositions can be rhythmically and melodically intricate, but in spite of this a sense of groove, melodicism and quirky playfulness permeates the band. With a sense of space and occasion, it is music that gets both the head and the heart, not one at expense of the other.

Tim has a unique approach to saxophone-bass-drum trio which shares roles, often turning elements of the music on their head, with bass and drums often at the forefront. Audiences are always delighted and surprised at their musical twists and turns, and the stories they weave. They have been playing together for a decade, toured nationally and their 2013 album “Land of Free Men” has been heavily featured on ABC Radio. 


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Casper Tromp's Black Tulip http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/415-casper-tromp http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/415-casper-tromp Casper Tromp : Black Tulip
In their electro-acoustic line up they use their own compositions as a platform for their improvisations. Grooves intermarry with strong melodies and dreamy sounds; risk and intuition are the cornerstone of their music. Initially inspired by 60’s jazz, they will bring you a combination of groove, experiment and jazz!
Casper Tromp – piano / electronics
Max Alduca – double bass
Cameron Reid – drums
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Barney Wakeford : man of mystery http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/416-barney-wakeford-man-of-mystery http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/416-barney-wakeford-man-of-mystery

Barney Wakeford Trio featuring Cam Reid

playing works, among others, by Bud Powell, Mulgrew Miller, Duke Jordan, Bill Evans,

and with special guest Alexandru Bota performing an adaption of The Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams and The Peacocks by Jimmy Rowles.

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Spike Mason and Lea http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/395-spike-mason-and-lea http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/395-spike-mason-and-lea Spike, Lea, Cam!
Spike and Lea Mason will be once again visiting the North Island to play their annual duet show at Colbourne Ave. Lea will create her new melodious interpretations of popular jazz standards, and Spike will support and inspire her with the prettiest chords he can find on the piano. 
This year they will be joined by a special guest. Cameron Reid (aka the time machine) will add his soulful rhythms on the drums. Singing, piano and grooves - timeless songs about life and love - such a lovely way to spend an evening.
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Sandy Evans trio / Tim Clarkson trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/392-sandy-evans-trio-tim-clarkson-trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/392-sandy-evans-trio-tim-clarkson-trio Tim Clarkson
Internationally renowned saxophonist and composer Sandy Evans OAM is one of the true legends Australian Jazz. The recipient of too many Awards to mention (most recently a Churchill Fellowship), Sandy is a composing member of the Australian Art Orchestra, The Catholics, The MARA! Band, and has been integrating her PhD studies of Indian classical music into her ever-broadening palette of musical invention.
Sandy has invited special guests and fellow saxophonist-composers Jeremy Rose and Tim Clarkson to join her in an improvised suite of music, combining and re-combining in solo, duo and trio. With the breadth of musical experience of these three musicians, it’s sure to be a sonic adventure with a lush palette.
Jeremy Rose’s composition and studies bridges Reggae to Norwegian Folk melodies, music of the Balkans and Cuba and jazz. An outstanding improviser and composer, he was a finalist in the Freedman Jazz Awards in 2012 and 2013. 
Tim Clarkson is a multi-instrumentalist bandleader and composer and multi-instrumentalist who’s unique compositional voice is influenced by the classical and folk music he grew up with and the polytonal directions of modern New York jazz. He has written for large and small ensembles through to full jazz orchestra and has released three albums as bandleader. 

“The stars seem to have aligned themselves… His playing achieves an aim of “stillness” in the air that is certainly evident.” 4/5 stars  – Peter Wockner, Jazz and Beyond

“So Alex Boneham’s bass and Cameron Reid’s drums are very much equal voices with Clarkson’s tenor saxophone, which often twists itself into the knotty rhythms rather than flying above them; rhythms made even more sinewy by Boneham’s singular vigour”.     3.5 /5 stars – John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald
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Barney Wakeford Trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/357-barney-wakeford-trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/357-barney-wakeford-trio Barney Wakeford

Autumn in New York

Barney spent three months in NYC last year.  He listened, he learnt, he composed.  With his trio, he'll play some of each.  And tell some stories, probably.


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Casper Tromp Trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/342-casper-tromp-trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/342-casper-tromp-trio Casper Tromp Poster
In their acoustic line up they use their own compositions as a platform for their improvisations. Grooves intermarry with strong melodies and dreamy sounds; risk and intuition are the cornerstone of their music. Initially inspired by 60’s jazz, they will bring you a combination of groove, experiment, jazz standards and originals!
Piano - Casper Tromp
Bass - Max Alduca
Drums - Cameron Reid
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Barney Wakeford Trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/314-barney-wakeford-trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/314-barney-wakeford-trio

Tim Winton writes There's no sweeter feeling than falling.

Hear a trio breathing as one, free falling & soaring, led by unique pianist & composer Barney Wakeford, & later with special guest saxophonist Spike Mason from south of the border sitting in.

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Nic Jeffries Quartet http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/224-nic-jeffries-quartet http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/224-nic-jeffries-quartet Nic Jeffries

Come farewell everyone's favourite beaming drummer Cam Reid before he heads overseas, and cheer him on with the NIC JEFFERRIES QUARTET, with Jono Brown on bass and Tim Fisher on Piano.

“... this guys KNOWS WHERE IT’S AT!” Kurt Elling, Grammy Award winning Jazz Vocalist

“Nic has that natural groove that draws the audience into a song, to hear Nic is to feel good!” James Morrison, 2012

“... one of a select few who’s path to serious recognition throughout Australia as a highly respected Artist is ASSURED!” Peter March, FM99.3

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Steven Barry Trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/200-steven-barry-trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/200-steven-barry-trio Steven Barry

“Steven Barry, a young New Zealander, has brought his dazzling skills as a pianist and composer to Sydney. He shrugged aside cliche, deployed scintillating articulation, and gave his colleagues such ingenious raw material as the Bartok-inspired Clusters. Boneham's solos were a lesson in how vigour may be harnessed to sensitivity, while Firth layered rhythmic puzzles into the grooves without rendering them academic, and soloed with panache...” John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Steve Barry crossed the ditch in early 2009 and has quickly become one of Sydney’s most sought-after pianists, having worked with many prominent Australasian and international artists including John Hollenbeck (USA), Theo Bleckmann (USA), George Coleman Jr. (USA), Arun Luthra (USA), Tricia Evy (FRA) and the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra.

Joined by the heavyweight rhythm section of Alex Boneham on bass and the incredibly sympathetic Cam Reid on drums, the Steve Barry Trio focuses on lyrical melodies, deep grooves and group interaction, and demonstrates a unique collective rapport.

Steve Barry (piano) Alex Boneham (bass) Cameron Reid (drums)

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