The trio Great Waitress features Monika Brooks on Accordion from Sydney, Magda Mayas on piano from Berlin, and Laura Altman on clarinet. Magda is an exceptional pianist and is visiting Australia for a short while this year. Great Waitress played a number of successful shows in Sydney, Berlin and Austria in 2011 including the NOWnow festival and Konfrontationen festival in Nickelsdorf, and released their debut album 'Lucid' on the record label Splitrec.

You can listen to them here :
If you want to know what they look like when they sound like that, here is an excellent gallery from their performance in Oslo :
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It's new music, post-jazz, improvised and intricate.  The reviews are really easy to find, and great to read:

„Die Musikerinnen von GREAT WAITRESS denken die Konzepte von Melodik und Harmonik neu. Im Prozess der kollektiven Erforschung klanglicher und struktureller Möglichkeiten findet eine Vermischung der instrumentellen Identitäten statt. Alle drei Instrumente sind vollkommen verfremdet, insbesondere das Akkordeon klingt fast wie eine elektronische Klangquelle. Dies ist Musik – ich würde es eher Sound-Art nennen –, die aus sorgfältiger und minutiöser Aufmerksamkeit für die Entstehung des einzelnen Klanges resultiert und diese Aufmerksamkeit auch von den Zuhörern verlangt."

"...Great Waitress rethink the concepts of melody and harmony. There’s a blurring of instrumental identities in a collective exploration of timbral and textural possibilities. All three instruments are totally defamiliarised – accordion in particular sounds almost like an electronic sound source. This is music – or rather, I’d argue, sound-art – that results from careful, minute attention to production of individual sounds, and demands the same attentionfrom listeners...”
- Jazz and Improv Column October 2011, A.J.Hamilton

If spiders have musical dreams while spinning webs, they might sound like the fragile wisps of sound created by Great Waitress....Sometimes the individual instruments become blurred in a sonic mystery that is both enthralling and disorienting. Almost invariably, the sounds are tiny and delicate - just the faintest engraving upon silence - and as intricately connected as that spider's web
- SMH one, by John Shand ,december 2011

Multiplicity emerges in Great Waitress through virtuosic collective listening, and creates a unique lucidity. This is intricate, complex music – but … they can also converge to make the monumental. - Rafa Segura, Modisti

In contrast to Mayas, Brooks and Altman are far more restrained and not as prominent. Whatever music the combination of clarinet and accordion conjures up in the imagination, it is highly unlikely it will match that produced here. When it is identifiable amid the range of sounds, the clarinet is rarely to the fore, tending to favor sustained notes that contribute to the overall ambience. The accordion is identifiable less often, producing wheezy rasping sounds rather than any that are characteristic of the instrument; again, the intention seems to be a contribution to the ensemble sound. But the piano repeatedly attracts attention, as Mayas pushes at its boundaries. The contrast between the duo's restraint and the more garrulous piano playing creates a dynamic tension which drives the music. - John Eyles, All About Jazz