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Steve and Hannah live in the same community in Tasmania as Spike Mason.  They travel the country working with all sorts of communities, inspiring people to engage with their creativity.

For us, they will perform some of their song and dance numbers :

- two  "Becoming Australian" performances : live and recorded music/dance/story with film
- multi-tracked vocal performance
- straight-up piano jazz
- dance/music/words improvisation(s) performance with Spike Mason
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Spike Mason piano trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/438-spike-mason-piano-trio http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/438-spike-mason-piano-trio Spike Mason

Once a week, in the cafe at the arts community in Tasmania where Spike lives, he and Lea play a jazz duet.  They've been doing it for years.

Spike is one of Australia's great jazz saxophone players.  So it's a bit of a surprise that he's been playing piano.  But this will be his first trio gig.

- he has chosen some beautiful musicians to help him

 steve elphick : double bass


cameron reid : drums

Spike Mason : piano

Lea Mason : vocals

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A moment in time http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/429-a-moment-in-time http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/429-a-moment-in-time A Moment In Time : Mason / Kenny / Peipman / Lau

An album launch for a four-piece band living on three different continents plus Tasmania.

You can support the production of the album here : https://pozible.com/project/a-moment-in-time-jazz-album 

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Kelly Ottaway (tas) http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/413-kelly-ottaway-tas http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/413-kelly-ottaway-tas Kelly Ottaway + AJ
Amelia Johnson - Vocals  (imagine that i've spliced that photo of Kelly playing piano together with a photo of Amelia behind the mic)
Kelly Ottaway - Piano
Spike Mason - Saxes
Brendan Clarke - Bass
Andrew Dickeson - Drums
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Jazz Organism http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/404-jazz-organism http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/404-jazz-organism Jazz Organism

 STOP PRESS : This is actually the album launch of the new "Jeremy Sawkins Organ Quartet" JazzTrack recording.  The band has changed their name to "The Jeremy Sawkins Organ Quartet", but I had already created this event and i couldn't bring myself to change the great name to a boring name just because they switched drummers.  I don't even think they did switch drummers.

The last time the Jazz Organism played, someone asked me "who plays jazz on an organ or for that matter listens to organ music other than in church?....this Thursday not for me?"  and i said "you're thinking of the wrong kind of organ.think of Deep Purple... Pink Floyd... Procol Harum... Booker T...  Darren's groove comes from the middle 60's jazz players who influenced the psychedelic movement of the 70's.  i can listen to him all day long, and i'm not one for church organs."

That's what the organism is.

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joni Mitchell (not really) http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/403-joni-mitchell-not-really http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/403-joni-mitchell-not-really Joni Mitchell

At Colbourne Ave, we have a half-arsed kind of tradition where on the anniversary of the first gig we ever put on (it was Bill Risby) we have a jazz tribute night to a pop band. Kind of like Frisell plays Lennon. Or Eckleberg plays Jackson.

It’s Thursday the 25th of Feb, and we’re doing Joni Mitchell (almost a year since the aneurysm from which she's still recovering). Three songs per musician, no song twice, more interpretations than covers. There will be moments of genius from :

Spike Mason (and Barney Wakeford)
Leonie Cohen
Bonnie Stewart
Jonny Maddox
Bill Risby
Joseph Zarb

and they'll be playing, in chronological order of publication :




Song to a Seagull

Song to a Seagull


Both Sides



The Fiddle and the Drum




ladies of the canyon


For Free

ladies of the canyon





a case of you



the last time i saw richard



Don't interrupt the sorrow

the hissing of summer lawns





Dry cleaner from des Moines



Good bye pork pie hat



Be Cool

wild things run fast


Chinese Cafe

wild things run fast



shadows and light



shadows and light


cherokee louise

night ride home


the sire of sorrow

turbulent indigo


And we leave the last work to Chaka Khan, who in an interview a couple of months ago said :

See, Joni Mitchell, she's actually funky, she just doesn't know it, and I'm bringing that forward. The jazz is in there. You get her, but I've slowed a lot of the stuff down because a lot of the lyrics - she's a very fast singer, so sometimes it's hard to catch her words - but I think she's so relevant

And here's the list of who played what in which order, so we can remember them for as long as possible 

Jose : Both Sides Now; The Fiddle and the Drum; Hejira
Bonnie : Song to a Seagull ; Amelia ; A Case of You
Leonie : Blue / Woodstock ; Don't Interrupt the Solo
Bill : Hejira ; Be Cool ; Chinese Cafe
Sascha : Last Chance Lost ; Edith and the Kingpin ; All I Want
Spike : The Last Time I Saw Richard / How Insensitive ; Cherokee Louse / Cherokee ; Be Cool / 
Maddox : Coyote ; Pork Pie Hat ; Dry Cleaner from Enmore (actually it was des Moines, i just put him in Enmore)

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Spike Mason and Lea http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/395-spike-mason-and-lea http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/395-spike-mason-and-lea Spike, Lea, Cam!
Spike and Lea Mason will be once again visiting the North Island to play their annual duet show at Colbourne Ave. Lea will create her new melodious interpretations of popular jazz standards, and Spike will support and inspire her with the prettiest chords he can find on the piano. 
This year they will be joined by a special guest. Cameron Reid (aka the time machine) will add his soulful rhythms on the drums. Singing, piano and grooves - timeless songs about life and love - such a lovely way to spend an evening.
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Spike Mason http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/373-spike-mason http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/373-spike-mason Mason - Lau - Waples

Spike Mason will be once again visiting the North Island to play the saxophone.

At this Colbourne Ave gig you will have the chance to hear him create new melodies with the amazing New York based double bass legend - Mark Lau, who will be visiting Aus for a few brief weeks. Spike and Mark have been musical compadres for over 20 yrs so there will be great music and many stories too. Joining them both will be the always inventive and rhythmically satisfying James Waples on Drums. This will prove to be an exciting nite of new music, old music, and never heard of before or since music...


*actual band may not match photo.

Mark has an extremely minimalist website, even for a jazz musician : marklau.org

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Mike Kenny's Lab Band : album launch http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/372-mike-kenny-s-lab-band-album-launch http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/372-mike-kenny-s-lab-band-album-launch Mike Kenny's Lab Band

It's an album launch, of an album recorded at Colbourne Ave over two nights in the heat of January 2013.  

It was great then, it'll be great now.

see the songs as recorded on YouTube




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Spike Mason and Henri Peipman http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/355-spike-mason-and-henri-peipman http://colbourneave.com/component/k2/item/355-spike-mason-and-henri-peipman Spike Mason - Henri Peipman

Henri and Spike have been playing music together for almost 20 years. They play in each other's bands, record on each other's albums, and both really like Arvo Part (but Henri is Estonian so that's a no brainer).  This musical meeting will give these two friends the opportunity to play some of their own original music in an intimate and personal setting.
And their other friend Jeremy Sawkins has just agreed to play.  so it will be a trio.  probably in the round.  with the new lounges.  certainly great sydney jazz.

it might be a tiny bit like this : youtube.com/watch?v=mqYicL-Miw0 or this youtube.com/watch?v=F_TlvE-ouLw

A conversation without words...

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