Charlie & the Maddox Factory

The cutest, quirkiest duet you've ever heard sing an Ella Fitzgerald song.  The vocal and instrumental improvisations of Charlie (vocals) and John Maddox (one-man orchestra) are a pleasure to watch - beautiful, funny, and unpredictable.
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Gareth J Malone's warm, melodic songs, backed by the subtle, richly arranged vocals and instruments of Nick Hoorweg (bass),  James Hauptmann (drums) and Charlie Meadows (guitar, The Shakers)

everybody's favourite gypsy,
the man who never stops playing,
the face behind the bass,

John Maddox

The first concert for the first year where we decided to run a concert every week, and the first in our series of bands led by bass players

Sydney's favourite bass player, irrepressible and unpredictable.

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