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It's Liz Frencham, totally solo.

Since Jigzag's huge final show at Notes last year Liz hasn't played her own songs in Sydney.  Bring your wine and chocolate for a night of heart-warming songs and that most rare and beautiful thing, a girl standing alone with a double bass, singing.  This will be a preview of Liz's new solo album (recorded but not mastered), and a small peak into next years "you & me vol 2".


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Tony Gorman's Monday Club

Tony Gorman (alto clarinet), Stephen Morley (horn), Mary Rapp (cello),
Boyd (bass clarinet), Sam Pettigrew (double bass) /"Each time we play
something is found, a collective space is arrived upon, and so the
journey begins anew even as it continues"/
made possible by a Go For Gold Scholarship from the MS Society.


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The Hung, Drawn Quartet : Ed Goyer on vibes

Debut Performance - here's what they say:

This newly formed jazz quartet features Tim Bradley on Drums, Chris
Frazier on Bass, Kelvin Haisman on Piano, and of course Ed Goyer on

The Hung Drawn Quartet is a jazz group with diverse musical influences.
All four members have contributed to the compositions, giving the
quartet a high degree of interplay and a unique sound.

Over the past eighteen months, the group has been writing, rehearsing
and recording original music. Constantly work-shopping new ideas and
approaches, they have developed an open attitude to writing and
performing while successfully maintaining a musical synergy between the

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The Hung, Drawn Quartet the Hung Drawn Quartet

Earlier year they played their first public show for us.  if you were there you'll know how perfectly constructed each song was.


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Barney Wakeford Trio photo by

Barney Wakeford on piano, with his conversational approach to standards and his mind-searching originals.  With old friends Jono Brown on bass and Cameron Reid on drums.  It's only a two (or three) day week, come down for the most relaxing gig in town.


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Spike Mason + Henri Peipman Henk and Spike

This new quartet will be playing a collection of original music, jazz standards, and reworked classical tunes arranged especially for this ensemble - featuring henri peipman on piano, spike mason on saxophones, matt gruebner on double bass and tim firth on drums

The music was sublime, every emotion and every note perfect from start to finish.  Katrina said it best:

Spike Mason is blowing his horn in a way that makes the night regret the dark, the angels sell their wings and the devil beg for mercy so he can listen once again to that sweet sweet music :-)

check out lots of Photos by Dave MacC on his facebook page.

Matt Greubner, Spike Mason

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Susan Gai Dowling Susan Gai Dowling

Susan Gai changed the way i understand jazz singing.  She's a pillar of the Sydney jazz scene, and her generosity of spirit glows through every song she selects.

Susan will sing with Carl Dewhurst on guitar - an incredibly versatile player of jazz, funk, glitch, grindcore, theatre and anything improvised.  Another great supporter of the jazz community, Carl has played everywhere and with everybody.

And Bernie McGann on saxophone.  A legend of Australian jazz, one of our most awarded, most recognised, most original musicians.  He'll be bringing home fifty years pushing the boundaries of the alto sax.

Three icons of Sydney jazz, distilling decades of experience into their totally distinctive jazz standards and original songs.


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The Fantastic Terrific Munkle The Fantastic Terrific Munkle

Their 2009 album was called 'Music To Dance To', so be sure to bring your dancing shoes. You're also likely to hear a bit of bluesy goodness, music from other lands, and seemingly from other planets, all filtered through the unique Munkle lineup. Featuring players from The Tango Saloon, Mike Nock, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Secret Chiefs 3 and Monsieur Camembert.

collage by Mayu KataokaCollage by Mayu Kataoka

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Amphibious Amphibious

Amphibious continues our series of fine music concerts.  It's jazz, influenced by chamber music.  It's experimental, in a beautiful way. Sometimes it's a bit like Bach.  It's great musicians playing whatever they want, the sort of improvisation our lounges love.

Their website is excellent:

(and somehow, against all the odds, Amphibious got an article in the inner west courier!)




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Steven barry piano trio

Steven Barry with Alex Boneham and Cam Reid - new original compositions, all written this year!

I've been promising a set from Steven for nearly six months, and finally the tomorrow has come!  After a great performance at 505 a couple of weeks ago, on their way to another one at SIMA next month, Steven, Alex and Cam
are on a roll.  Of course, none of those other venues allow youngsters or let you bring your own wine, and the chairs aren't nearly as comfortable...

If you've seen this trio perform, you'll be here.  if you haven't, think of your favourite musician who you used to hear all the time until they got too busy and stopped playing the comfortable gigs...

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