Treading a faint path between modern jazz, world music and pop song, instrumentalists My Goodness, McGuiness! strip back all genres back to celebrate melody and emotion as king. Jazz trained musicians been dancing around songwriting and pop music influences, then finally approaching it head on. gently.

Sarah Belkner : voice
Lucian McGuiness : trombophone
Dan Junor : saxomaphone
Paul Cutlan : clarinets and things
Aaron Flower : leccy guitar
Jonothan Zwartz : contra-bass
James Hauptmann : drums
Fabian Hevia : other hitting things
Strings led by Rachel Pogson

Lucian McGuiness is a composer, arranger and musical director in jazz, circus-theatre and contemporary pop arenas. My Goodness McGuiness mixes some of Sydney's finest improvisors and groove masters with skilful arranging and writing.

“There is pure quality to the McGuiness tone, coupled with a less-is-more approach.”
— Limelight Magazine

"Bithe as a bee in spring"
– Sydney Morning Herald

Also talented arranger, musical director and songwriter, vocalist Sarah Belkner has a signature sound that ferries catchy, emotional lyrical depth and vocal ear candy for days to a rich beautifully strange world of complex, subtle and layered arrangements.
The Cope Street Parade are releasing their 5th album this November and December. Kicking off an 18 date national tour, they are ready to fire for one night only at Colbourne Ave.
The Parade are four young dynamic musicians who combine their love of traditional jazz with the energy and virtuosity of the 21st century.  With a broad repertoire of jazz classics, in addition to original compositions, The Cope Street Parade can melt your heart with a tender ballad before launching into gypsy-swing that is guaranteed to bring dancers to their feet.
Capturing the spirit and warmth of early jazz styles, the band successfully blurs the line between the contemporary and the classic. Embracing influences such as Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Louis Prima and Django Reinhardt, The Cope Street Parade create their own unique style of Australian swing music.
"[these] young musicians are students of this music. They love it.” – Australian Jazz
"The Parade blends the hot sounds of gypsy swing with elements of New Orleans traditional jazz to create a style of music that sounds both new and old yet always uniquely Australian. Think if Django Reinhardt met Louis Armstrong in a good old country pub.” - Adrian Jackson

“This is Ecstasy” – John Clare, Sydney Morning Herald

Master guitarist and experimental composer, Guy Strazz, returns with the exciting Eastern Blues Quartet to Colbourne Ave.  Experimental jazz nuanced with Indian classical music and Latin funk where the scintillating sounds of two guitars are driven by a hard swinging, vibrant rhythm section.

Comments from last month’s performance at Jazzgroove:

Blending aspects of jazz, Indian, blues and Latin music. In fact, the word "aspects" is probably redundant, so completely are the component parts integrated, providing the players with unique rhythmic and melodic fields upon which to unleash their improvising skills’.  J. Shand SMH

‘Oh. My. God!
’ Ben Panucci, director @ Jazzgroove

Brilliant!’ David Rasko (spectator and guitarist)

Eastern Blues takes influence from Ravi Shankar and the Coltranes to name just a few - an approach coupled with a strong sense of the improvisational elements of Indian music.
**** Jazz & Beyond

"Guy Strazz is amongst the most lyrical players in the land, the influence of the Indian sitar tradition can be traced beside that of the the combustive fire of Brazil and the explosive virtuosity of the likes of John McLaughlin and Egberto Gismonti" - John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald.

Guy Strazz – electric guitar   
Aaron Flower – electric guitar   
Toby Hall – drum-kit   
Hugh Fraser – electric bass   

Playing Jazz spiced with Afro-Brazilian rhythms, the band includes long time collaborator and bass man, Hugh Fraser; distinguished emerging guitarist, Aaron Flower and Toby Hall.  Read more at, or check the great story while you listen at

A classical and steel-string guitarist, Guy was trained in Italy and discovered Brazilian music while studying in the UK.  In 1984 he travelled to India with Roger Frampton's band and had an epiphany (that's how it goes with India).  Currently completing a PhD, his stellar career has seen him perform at national and international jazz festivals and receive APRA, AIR and IAP nominations and an APRA award as well as the Australia Council Music Fellowships.

Amphibious continues our series of fine music concerts.  It's jazz, influenced by chamber music.  It's experimental, in a beautiful way. Sometimes it's a bit like Bach.  It's great musicians playing whatever they want, the sort of improvisation our lounges love.

Their website is excellent:

(and somehow, against all the odds, Amphibious got an article in the inner west courier!)

Playing Jazz spiced with Afro-Brazilian rhythms, the band includes long time collaborator and bass man, Hugh Fraser; distinguished emerging guitarist, Aaron Flower and American percussionist Chris Field.  Read more at, or check the great story while you listen at

This is a special one-off FRIDAY concert, to celebrate the birthdays of Guy and Aaron!