Amelia Johnson - Vocals  (imagine that i've spliced that photo of Kelly playing piano together with a photo of Amelia behind the mic)
Kelly Ottaway - Piano
Spike Mason - Saxes
Brendan Clarke - Bass
Andrew Dickeson - Drums

The master of swing and melodic invention, Mr Bob Barnard, makes his Colbourne debut with the killer trio of Andrew Dickeson, Pete Locke and Brendan Clarke. This is a very rare to hear opportunity to hear Bob play in all-acoustic, beautifully dynamic environment.

Adrian Mears, was one of Australia's best trombone players in the 90s.  he's from Newcastle, of course, but he has been composing, teaching, and improvising in Germany and Switzerland for the last 25 years.  His visits to Australia have been rare.  For us, he will play a duet with old friend Andrew Dickeson on drums.

John recently launched his new CD, Cognition, at the foundry.  If you missed it (or if you loved it and you want to hear it again), he'll be playing it again for us.

Another great night from John Harkins, the Chicago-born piano player who inhabits the time when Jazz and the Blues weren't different yet. He'll bring us the same swinging vibe he carries wherever he goes, but with all new material and arrangements.

A rare chance to hear these three great Sydney jazz musicians in a trio setting, playing classic jazz standards including some repertoire from some of the classic piano trios.  Groove, taste, and time will be the order of the day.

Playing homage to classic 50s and 60s jazz piano trios - Ahmad Jamal, Oscar Peterson, Red Garland etc. Rather than trying to recreate the works of these classic trios note for note - we will be presenting some of their repertoire in our style, aiming to capture a certain "classic" trio sound in terms of dynamics, finesse and arrangements.

Andrew Dickeson is steeped in this history, lecturing in jazz drumming at the sydney conservatorium. Peter Locke is the perfect pianist for the project - he is an unsung talent & a master of many styles. With Alex Boneham on bass it will be a magic combination.

John Harkins is Sydney's favourite Chicago blues man (or ours at least), playing a tribute to Hank Jones - the jazz legend who died last month at the age of 91.  In his 20s Hank worked with Hot Lips Page, and he played through the whole history of bop, bebop, and popular jazz working with Colman Hawkins, Ella Fitzgerald, Mailyn Munroe, Benny Goodman...  But it's not a tribute to any of them.

Our favourite chicago blues-man.

John sent a photo of an old black monkey playing with two baby white tigers


Darren Heinrich has been all over Sydney the last couple of years - you've probably seen him play and didn't even know it.  but next week he's leaving for the USA to study with legendary organist Lonnie Smith... So this thursday is your last chance to get your funk out, your brown suit on, and groove to the tunes of

Darren Heinrich (organ)

Steve Brien (guitar)

Andrew Dickeson (drums)

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