Barney Wakeford, profoundly intuitive interpreter of the jazz repertoire, endlessly creative improviser, stalwart of the Sydney jazz scene.  With Jono Brown on bass and Cam Reid on drums, this will be music to your ears.

Dave macC took some photos of Barney's last gig...

After many years of touring and performing together, Jake Barden (Sydney) and Louis Stapleton (Germany) formed a great musical bond and deep understanding of each other’s playing. In 2008 and 2009, Louis and Jake toured Europe together playing at Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Jazz a Vienne in France and the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy. Since then, Louis has moved to Weimar, Germany where he is studying at the Franz Liszt School of Music and Jake is now studying at the Sydney Conservatorium.  Last year they recorded an album together (Late Nights and City Lights), and while Louis is back in Australia for a couple of months we have the opportunity to hear them together, with Cam Reid on drums and Brendan Clarke on double bass.

“Jake Barden is a very talented musician. I’m sure his name will be widely known among the next generation of top players”
— Don Burrows, 2010
“Louis has strong concepts of voicing, melodic line, complex rhythms and I must say, for his age, his compositions are very advanced”
— Tom O ́Halloran, 2008

check out some youTube at

With Nat King Cole, Oscar Peterson Ray Brown and Ed thigpen in mind,
Gavin Ahearn, Alex Boneham,  Barney Wakeford and Cam Reid
will be revisiting some of the bluesy swinging piano trio stylings of yesteryear..

Barney Wakeford on piano, with his conversational approach to standards and his mind-searching originals.  With old friends Jono Brown on bass and Cameron Reid on drums.  It's only a two (or three) day week, come down for the most relaxing gig in town.

“The shadowy, serpentine soprano and alto trails of Gai Bryant are on the list of Australian jazz music’s most treasured delights.”
Craig Pearce-Drum Media

"Paul Derricott's... outstanding and varied compositions, intelligently played; (are)a demonstration of how pop influences can be fused into valuable jazz interpretations." John McBeath

" Borthwick weaves agile lines around lazy trombone yawns and raking blasts." John Clare, Sydney Morning Herald

Brief biographies and sound bytes are available at:

Darkly melodic soulful trumpet - Ray Cassar with Barney Wakeford (piano) and Cam Reid (drums).  Ray has played with Human Nature, David Campbell, Frank Bennet, Jimmy Barnes, Basement Jaxx, and tonight with Barney and Cam!  Barney has been chasing him for a while, and it's finally come together.

with Cam Reid (drums) and Alex Boneham (bass)

Steven arrived at the Sydney Con from Auckland last year, with nothing but the shirt on his back and the blessing of Roger Manins.  he's travelled far though, winning awards including Most Outstanding Musician, Best Pianist and Best Composition at the Tauranga International Jazz Festival, and being fawned over by the likes of us.

this is the best young jazz trio in sydney.
let's call it a christmas party.

Come and join the Tim Clarkson Trio for a magical Saturday twilight concert in what is surely Sydney’s most unique and inspiring music venue – the Café Church Space at Colbourne Avenue. Set in a beautifully restored heritage building Colbourne Avenue is renowned for its superb acoustics and intimate audience friendly setting. It’s the perfect environment to hear Tim and his trio reprise the launch of his outstanding Jazzgroove album CRAB and celebrate the beginning of the festive season.

5:30 - 7:30 pm

Tim Clarkson - tenor saxophone
Phil Stack - double bass
Cameron Reid - drums / percussion

The best young piano trio money can't buy.  But you're welcome to make a bid...

colbourne ave reimprovisationcome and discover Sydney’s most unique music space!


A sculpture by Ian Scott will be on sale for $1000.

Beer from Little Creatures, wine and food for sale.

media enquiries (02) 8013 8219 / 0405 726 753

$20 / $10 lounges, candlelight, tea and coffee - wine, beer, and food available for this night only.

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