Back from an extended hiatus, the latest incarnation of the Marty Wieczorek Quartet features Marty’s beautiful compositions, drawing on an eclectic range of influences from Radiohead to Charlie Parker to Mahler and Tomasz Stanko. For a taster, go to:

The Marty Wieczorek Quartet features:

Marty Wieczorek on Sax
David Devries on Guitar
James Waples on Drums
Thomas Botting on bass

Marty Wieczorek has performed with some of Sydney's most beautiful jazz musicians including Aaron Flower, Evan Mannell, James Waples, and Abel Cross, appearing at some of Australia's great jazz venues and has toured his music nationally. He is now practicing as a provisional psychologist, so this is a rare opportunity to hear this exceptionally lyrical and unique musical voice.

Formed in 2010 by seven like-minded individuals from the Sydney jazz and improvised music scene, The A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Orchestra’s unusual sound stems from its unconventional line-up (two saxophones, trumpet, guitar, piano/organ, sousaphone, drums) and the unique musical experiences and interests of its members.  Part improvisation ensemble, part chamber group, each of the members contribute compositions, allowing for an intriguing array of musical styles and approaches to reveal themselves within one performance.

The “Orchestra” also commissions and plays the compositions of external composers, all locally sourced and ethically treated, who find themselves inspired to write or adapt for its instrumentation.  From meticulously through-composed pieces to works that allow exhilarating explorations by some of Sydney’s finest young improvisers, a set from the A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Orchestra is constantly shifting and bringing about sounds and colours you’ve never heard, but always wished you had.

Jo Derrick trumpet
Peter Farrar
James Loughnan
Dave De Vries
Grant Arthur
James Waples
Harry Sutherland piano and keyboards