FAR BEYOND, makes its debut performance at Colbourne Ave with the talents of Paul Cutlan on saxophones, flute and clarinets; Gary Daley on piano and accordion; James Greening on trombone; Ben Hauptmann on guitars; and Sandy Klose on bass. These great musicians will be bringing life to the much anticipated compositions and creative drumming of Fabian Hevia.


It's a trombone shout band.  Seven trombone players.  Maybe even more.  And they all sing.  But not while they're playing their trombones.

It's a trombone shout band.  A rare and beautiful genre specific to a group of pentecostal churches in the American south, developed sometime in the 1940s, but not recorded until the 60s so we don't really know how it went until then. it may have started with other instruments but it ended up with trombones.   gospel harmonies with new orleans groove.



Pollinisers, pollinators and pollination are part of an exacting process that is fundamental to the world’s food source and usually goes unnoticed, quietly working away in the background of our daily lives. There is an intrinsic beauty to this process that has formed the basis of my contemplations leading to the work in this exhibition. When moths, butterflies, bees and others visit to harvest their essence it is a choreography that nature has performed throughout history. In these encounters, the flowers disclose their secret to the pollinators, who take it home in the form of scent and taste. - Dianne Fogwell

Musicians Reuben Lewis, James Greening, Miroslav Bukovsky, Ronny Ferella, Geoff Hughes and master printmaker Dianne Fogwell come together to contemplate the natural choreography of pollination. Drawing on their accumulated history and perforated backgrounds in jazz, groove-music and free improvisation the ensemble will explore the sympathetic resonances found in this hidden world of Dianne’s artwork; illuminating memories of pollinators planted, plucked, gathered, observed and listened to.



Dianne Fogwell - perforations, prints and projections
Reuben Lewis - trumpets & objects
Miroslav Bukovsky - trumpets & objects
James Greening - trombone, trumpet & objects
Geoff Hughes - guitar
Ronny Ferella - drums

The culmination of a chance meeting at a jazz club in Berlin, the Quintet is an exciting new offering led by former Canberra musician Reuben Lewis.

Reuben plays trumpet
James Greening on trombone
Luke Sweeting on piano
James Waples on drums
Mark Shepherd on bass



Pianist and composer Luke Sweeting is touring his new album People and Lightbulbs. Capturing the energetic, textural and inquisitive compositions of the band over the last few years, the music is inspired by some great contemporary musicians like Alister Spence, Andrea Keller, Brad Mehldau and Florian Ross. His sextet features an incredible combination of improvisers: Ken Allars (tpt), Matt Handel (sax), James Greening (bone), James Heazlewood-Dale (db bass) and Finn Ryan (drums).
Making a recent move to Sydney, Luke has spent the last few years performing extensively around his hometown Canberra, with various heavy weights like trumpet legend Miroslav Bukovsky (of Wanderlust fame) and has had a lot to do with the ANU School of Music; finishing his masters study under the Dennis Griffin Scholarship and also lecturing for the pre-tertiary program. Luke won the 2010 Sprogis Woods Composition Competition, and has performed around Australia, at the Magnetic Island Jazz Festival, the Canberra International Music Festival, regularly performing for famous silent film screenings at the National Sound and Film Archive as well as performing solo piano at Shanghai World Expo in 2010. Luke has released a few albums as a sideman and collaborator: an intimate duo project with soprano virtuoso Rachael Thoms titled The Great Unknown as well as the debut release with the 2012 Generations in Jazz vocal winner Liam Budge.

Ken Allars - trumpet
Matt Handel
- alto
James Greening - trombone
Luke Sweeting - piano
James Heazlewood-Dale - double bass
Finn Ryan - drums

2ser 107.3FM - one of Australia’s longest running community radio broadcasters - turns 30 years old on October 1.  Known throughout this time as a crucial hub for exposing diverse and new music, widescreen culture and independent reporting, they're throwing more than 20 parties around Sydney between October 1 and November 1, 2009.

The World According to James

Sydney's funkiest trombonist cuts a deep deep groove, with Andrew Robson, Steve Elphick, and the world's happiest drummer, Toby Hall

Miss Little

The debut performance for this lineup of Miss Little.  Sarah McCallum will be joined by Matt Keegan on sax and a reel-to-reel tape machine playing drums – all that analogue warmth, with no sweat.