Back in NZ from several years living in Boston, James Wylie is a saxophonist/clarinetist involved in microtonal music and active in many styles including improvised music and jazz, contemporary classical and bluegrass. In this project he will present a woodwinds/bass/drums trio exploring a program of new and borrowed compos...itions and improvisations hinting at themes from Federico Fellini to Hank Williams.

Joining him will be two of Australian Jazz’s rising stars - Alex Boneham (James Muller Trio, The Vampires, Steven Barry) on bass and James ‘Pug’ Waples (Mike Nock, Bernie McGann, Jackson Harrison Trio) on drums.

Eamon sat in for the last song of Steven Barry's set last December.  I had hoped for a year to hear his trumpet at Colbourne Ave, and it didn't let me down.  He's moving to Europe in March, so this concert - a set by the Steven Barry trio + Eamon, followed by a whole set of duets between Eamon and Steven - will be his last for a long time.  I love it already.

the exploration of sonic soundscapes
the flow of cascading rhythms
the pathway into unknown territories

David de Vries - Guitar
James Waples - Drums
Brendan Berlach - Saxophone
Spike Mason - Saxophone

Roil is a collaboration between pianist Chris Abrahams, bassist Mike Majkowsk, and drummer James Waples. Since forming in 2007, this Sydney-based trio has been developing their own approach to jazz improvisation. There is a controlled elegance to Roil’s music — not that this precludes the energetic. The music has an eddying quality that moves between group utterance and multi–stranded counterpoint, a weaving of textures that coagulate to form unified phrases before dispersing once more into the churning invention. ’Meaning’ is its first release and was recorded in one uninterrupted session on 2 April 2008.


I love watching family members improvise together.  Those moments of dischord which go right back to fighting over the last bowl of coco pops, the resolution that comes from knowing you'll be brothers your whole life. 
Ben and James Waples have both been finalists in the Wangaratta jazz competition and currently comprise two thirds of the Mike Nock trio.  It'll be perfect.

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