STOP PRESS : This is actually the album launch of the new "Jeremy Sawkins Organ Quartet" JazzTrack recording.  The band has changed their name to "The Jeremy Sawkins Organ Quartet", but I had already created this event and i couldn't bring myself to change the great name to a boring name just because they switched drummers.  I don't even think they did switch drummers.

The last time the Jazz Organism played, someone asked me "who plays jazz on an organ or for that matter listens to organ music other than in church?....this Thursday not for me?"  and i said "you're thinking of the wrong kind of organ.think of Deep Purple... Pink Floyd... Procol Harum... Booker T...  Darren's groove comes from the middle 60's jazz players who influenced the psychedelic movement of the 70's.  i can listen to him all day long, and i'm not one for church organs."

That's what the organism is.

Relax on a comfy chair or sofa, bring some wine & friends

listen to

Brendan Clarke - bass
Paul Derricott - drums
Danny Carmichael - trumpet & trombone
Jeremy Sawkins - guitar
and Gai on saxes


play romantic ballads, quirky originals, Cuban cha-cha-cha and more 


Henri and Spike have been playing music together for almost 20 years. They play in each other's bands, record on each other's albums, and both really like Arvo Part (but Henri is Estonian so that's a no brainer).  This musical meeting will give these two friends the opportunity to play some of their own original music in an intimate and personal setting.
And their other friend Jeremy Sawkins has just agreed to play.  so it will be a trio.  probably in the round.  with the new lounges.  certainly great sydney jazz.

it might be a tiny bit like this : or this

A conversation without words...

For his debut performance at Colbourne Ave, Steve Foxe and his quartet will be exploring the music and ideas of Kenny Wheeler's Angel Song.

Steve Foxe - bass
Jeremy Sawkins - guitar
Nick Bowd - alto sax
Andy Fiddes - trumpet

jazz suitcase postcard

eight oclock sharp dates postcard

The first program for 2002 featured four Sydney Jazz ensembles of very differing styles and concepts. There was a guitar/piano duet, a jazz electronica trio, an acoustic quartet, and an electric jazz quartet.

7th march

Band of 5 Names

14th march

Nick Bowd Group

21st march

Jeremy Sawkins Project

28th march

Sean Wayland Duo