Saxophonist, Composer, Arranger, Educator and Bandleader, Sean Coffin is bringing a brand new project to Colbourne Ave. When we were discussing it he said "without stating the obvious will be a musically intense and sensitive collaboration."

with Karl Dunnicliff on bass and Nic Cicere on drums.

Gavin Ahearn, Matt Ottignon, Toby Hall, Karl Dunnicluff

music inspired by winter

with a solo set up front by John Dip Silas

Mark waited a long long time to record this first celebrated album.  Melding Jewish tradition with contemporary Australian jazz, it is a ground-breaking musical odyssey.  At times haunting, yet melodic and beautiful, the group strikes a skillful balance  between moments of intensity and tranquillity. Generations explores Markʼs musical roots and heritage combining ancient modes with modern themes. Markʼs research work, part of a Master of Music degree at the Sydney Conservatorium, examines the linkages between  Jewish cantorial singing and jazz improvisation.

Mark Ginsburg - saxophones : Greg Coffin - piano : Karl Dunnicliff - bass : Tim Firth - drums

Mark Ginsburg, Ryan Grogan, Karl Dunnicliff, Tim Firth : playing music from their new album "Generations"

Based on Mark’s thesis research into the linkages between Jewish cantorial singing and jazz improvisation, this album pays homage to his prior generations as well as cultural experiences in early childhood that influenced the development of his musical voice. Extensive reading, listening and conducting of interviews with musicians propelled Mark into further examination of the subject via interpretations of music of Jewish origin as well as his own compositions.