anyone who knows Barney Wakeford will know that in the right environment he can be absolutely transcendent
with Mark Lau and Cameron Reid he is in the right environment
for the second week in a row, and the last time in years, eight oclock sharp presents the Barney Wakeford Piano Trio

John Harkins, Kevin Hunt, Barney Wakeford, Gavin Ahearn

5th september 2002


jazz guitar quartet

It’s been confirmed … The stars are in perfect alignment for the re-union of the ever-wandering musicians. The unheard will be finally given public voice, and one or two of those unseen will appear. The earth had sent Mark Lau. His solid sound will provide the platform upon which the others will launch themselves. Close by him will be the fire of Craig Simon. The heat and light provided by him will warm all. Sean Coffin will be riding the air as it passes through his tenor. Finally, the tides will be brought in by the sounds of Adrian Petlevanny, the leader and caretaker of the harmonic currents.

Adrian Petlevanny: Guitar
Sean Coffin: Tenor Sax
Mark Lau: Bass
Craig Simon: Drums


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