It's jazz to tapdance in a hot shower to.  Duck Wellington, Umbrella Fitzgerald, Melodious Funk - the playful sound of jazz spoonerisms.

The long awaited album launch of the long awaited debut album from guitarist Steve Crain, featuring
Darren Heinrich (organ/keys),
Richard MaeGraith (sax),
Pete Kohlhoff (bass)
Andrew Massey (drums)
Steve's compositions reflect his love of the Blue Note era, combining catchy melodies, sophisticated harmonies and infectious grooves. Music for your head, hips and heart!
Glen Henrich - vibraphone master and multi-instrumentalist, with John Morrison - one of our great jazz showmen, and Colbourne Ave regulars Pete Kohlhoff and Barney Wakeford.

Glenn Henrich, vibraphone master and multi-instrumentalist, returns with his afro-cubans.  I asked Barney what was the afro part in an afro-cuban band, and he said "they're just cubans with big hair". This band aren't even cuban, and none of them have much hair, but Glenn does look a bit El Presidente in his photo...

the band is Glenn Henrich on vibes and woodwind, Matt Moore on drums, Pete Kohlhoff on bass, Barney Wakeford on piano, and Giogio Rojas on percussion. The repertoire will be mostly famous highlights from the 50's/60's latin meets bebop book, compiled and transcribed in part by Glenn from such player/composers as Dizzy Gilliespie, Chano Pozo, Walter Fuller, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, several from Cal Tjader, one from Clare Fischer,an Art Pepper Latin tune,several new latin takes on Coltrane tunes, maybe one or two originals.

Glenn Henrich is a multi-instrumentalist who can be heard playing any of his extensive collection of saxes, clarinets, flutes, recorders, keyboards or vibes. His diverse musical interests and styles range from baroque to classical to romantic to modern 'serious' music, and certainly include many varieties of serious (and not so serious) jazz; latin to swing to bebop and beyond.  This Thursday he will continue our obsession with the vibraphones, playing homage to Milt Jackson and the Modern Jazz Quartet - a distinctive contrapuntal bluesy band who brought the vibes to prominence in the 50s and 60s (i don't know whether they'll wear the pin-stripes).

Barney Wakeford plays the piano.  With Pete Kolhoff on bass (he's been all around town with James Valentine lately), and Mike Quigley on Drums.

pete kohlhoff (bass), charlie meadows (guitar), gary daley (accordion), cameron reid (drums) - sorry i didn't get you in the picture
Beautiful grooves from this new quartet - they'll rock your socks off, in a scandinavian / country / roots sort of way.

Charlie and the Maddox Factory

Charlotte Craib and John Maddox will get you happy with their quirky choonz.  we don't book many singers - we've got that thing about amplification.  but charlie and jonny don't need anything between you and their vocal chords except their smiles.