Pollinisers, pollinators and pollination are part of an exacting process that is fundamental to the world’s food source and usually goes unnoticed, quietly working away in the background of our daily lives. There is an intrinsic beauty to this process that has formed the basis of my contemplations leading to the work in this exhibition. When moths, butterflies, bees and others visit to harvest their essence it is a choreography that nature has performed throughout history. In these encounters, the flowers disclose their secret to the pollinators, who take it home in the form of scent and taste. - Dianne Fogwell

Musicians Reuben Lewis, James Greening, Miroslav Bukovsky, Ronny Ferella, Geoff Hughes and master printmaker Dianne Fogwell come together to contemplate the natural choreography of pollination. Drawing on their accumulated history and perforated backgrounds in jazz, groove-music and free improvisation the ensemble will explore the sympathetic resonances found in this hidden world of Dianne’s artwork; illuminating memories of pollinators planted, plucked, gathered, observed and listened to.



Dianne Fogwell - perforations, prints and projections
Reuben Lewis - trumpets & objects
Miroslav Bukovsky - trumpets & objects
James Greening - trombone, trumpet & objects
Geoff Hughes - guitar
Ronny Ferella - drums

Gripping and imaginative, the Sydney-Melbourne collaboration Toska is led by alto saxophonist, Josh Kelly and pianist, Luke Sweeting. Exploring elements of free improvisation and contemporary jazz the band are performing music inspired by their recent escapades through Europe. The music explores a sense of movement and the effect that a place has on one.

Josh is one of the most musically energetic young saxophone players to emerge from the Melbourne scene. An incredible composer and improviser, Josh's unique approach to music is influenced by his experience growing up in three countries. Born in South Africa amongst street buskers and township jazz, soaking up reggae and experimental rock in New Zealand, and obsessing about modern creative jazz in Australia, Josh’s signature sound is hard to categorise. After performing alongside Australian luminaries, including Julien Wilson, Vince Jones, Paul Grabowsky and Chris Hale, Josh has decided to promote his own work, influenced by his life stories and literature. His willingness to take risks and purely improvise in the moment is central to his conception. This mindset is perfectly matched to Sweeting’s adventurous approach to the piano.

Sweeting is an incredible pianist and composer, having released two albums: 'People and Lightbulbs' with his jazz sextet outfit, and 'The Great Unknown' with soprano virtuoso Rachael Thoms, as well recording with 2012 Generations in Jazz vocal winner Liam Budge. He has performed alongside many of Australia's legendary jazz musicians, and has recently toured with Swedish-Australian band Svelia, improv band The Grey Wing Trio and Antipodes 6tet.

Toska includes some of the most proficient musicians from both Melbourne and Sydney. These impeccable young musicians make thrilling journeys through compositions, and like a good traveller, take adventurous risks. A distinctive contemporary jazz ensemble. 

Josh Kelly (VIC) - Sax
Luke Sweeting (NSW) - Piano
Reuben Lewis (VIC/NSW) - Trumpet
Matt Hayes (VIC) - Bass 
Harry Day (NSW) - Drums

listen and learn more at joshkellymusic.com

Reuben and Christian met in Berlin, and started improvising together in an apartment with an 80 decibel noise restriction.  Trumpet and drums.  quieter than a speaking voice.  Not something you hear every day.

Listen here: reubenlewis.com/lewiswindfeld


Casey Moir – Voice (AUS/SWE)
Reuben Lewis – Trumpet (AUS)
Luke Sweeting – Piano (AUS)
Johan Moir – Double Bass (SWE)
Aidan Lowe – Drums (AUS)

From north to south the members of this band have gathered to form this collaboration of five Swedish & Australian musicians. Together they fuse the spontaneous with the unconventional, composition with open interpretation and allow their intuitive joint expression to intricately weave it all together in some form of coherent chaos.

While on tour in Sweden, Germany and Poland, SVELIA surprised their audiences as they “frame the liberating madness of free expression within the form of song”. In Krakow, Poland it was quoted that “Svelia's music happens on fringes of a variety of styles - radical improvisation is countered by tricky and disciplined compositions, bursting energy by heartbreaking lyricism, hard-edged harmonies by melodies that will haunt your mind in sleep”

LIsten here: www.soundcloud.com/svelia

The culmination of a chance meeting at a jazz club in Berlin, the Quintet is an exciting new offering led by former Canberra musician Reuben Lewis.

Reuben plays trumpet
James Greening on trombone
Luke Sweeting on piano
James Waples on drums
Mark Shepherd on bass