The Corridors began with a long mid-week residency at Corridor bar in Newtown.  They've recorded an album now, and they're stretching their wings, performing as far afield as Marrickville and Glebe.

It's jazz with jive and a rock and roll vibe, Louis Prima and Bull Moose Jackson style. Rockin tenor sax melodies are the order of the day, and there is plenty to go around for everybody.   

Justin Fermino and Chris O'Dea : tenor saxes
Slammin Sam 'Shazzam' Dobson : double bass
Nick Meredith : drums

The Cope Street Parade are releasing their 5th album this November and December. Kicking off an 18 date national tour, they are ready to fire for one night only at Colbourne Ave.
The Parade are four young dynamic musicians who combine their love of traditional jazz with the energy and virtuosity of the 21st century.  With a broad repertoire of jazz classics, in addition to original compositions, The Cope Street Parade can melt your heart with a tender ballad before launching into gypsy-swing that is guaranteed to bring dancers to their feet.
Capturing the spirit and warmth of early jazz styles, the band successfully blurs the line between the contemporary and the classic. Embracing influences such as Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Louis Prima and Django Reinhardt, The Cope Street Parade create their own unique style of Australian swing music.
"[these] young musicians are students of this music. They love it.” – Australian Jazz
"The Parade blends the hot sounds of gypsy swing with elements of New Orleans traditional jazz to create a style of music that sounds both new and old yet always uniquely Australian. Think if Django Reinhardt met Louis Armstrong in a good old country pub.” - Adrian Jackson

“This is Ecstasy” – John Clare, Sydney Morning Herald

Guitarist Ben Panucci is part of a new generation of young jazz musicians with an immediate appeal and individual sound and approach.  Accompanied by Alex Boneham on bass and Jody Michael on drums this will be a special event...

With Sam Dobson (bass) and Jodie Michael (drums)