Lea and Spike Mason really love creating music together. Every Saturday night they weave their way through jazz standards at the Chalet in Poatina where they live. Lea sings and Spike plays the piano - and their one rule is - "Don't play the song the same way we played it last week."
(This rule works so well that last week one of the regulars remarked, "I haven't heard any of those songs before" - when in fact he had heard every one!)
This year they've decided to travel with the girls and play a 4-gig mini-tour of NSW. Colbourne Ave is their first show of the tour and will feature a special guest performer...

Henri has a new album.  This is the launch.  He's bringing Spike Mason up from Tasmania especially for the occasion.  Don't miss it.

henri peipman :piano
spike mason :saxophones
matt gruebner :double bass
tim firth :drums 


Tim Winton writes There's no sweeter feeling than falling.

Hear a trio breathing as one, free falling & soaring, led by unique pianist & composer Barney Wakeford, & later with special guest saxophonist Spike Mason from south of the border sitting in.

Spike and Lea Mason don't get to play music at Colbourne Ave very often any more. That's because they live 956kms from the front door in a beautifully remote town named Poatina in Tasmania. Every Saturday night they perform a duo jazz gig at the towns Chalet. Spike plays the piano and Lea sings, and they improvise their way through their favorite jazz standards. Tonight is a rare chance to hear them create their soulful and melodic magic in Sydney."

"I only get to visit the mainland every so often, and I really wanted to play some new music with some old friends in my favourite venue. So I called some musos that I like playing with and asked them to come and play. Each person in the group will be writing and arranging new music just for this night so they'll be many beautiful new melodies and harmonies. It'll be a unique and special gig, and I hope you'll enjoy all the sounds as much as I will... Spike"
Mike Kenny - trumpet, flugalhorn
Matt Greubner - double bass
Richard Maegraith - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Barney Wakeford - piano,rhodes
Spike Mason - alto and soprano saxophones

Spike's Farewell Gig
This will be Spike's last Sydney gig before he moves with his family to Tasmania.
Spike will be joined by long time musical friends Barney Wakeford on piano, Aris Kartsonas on guitar, and Gabe Hons on percussion.
They will be playing their favourite jazz standards, a few original tunes, and completely improvised pieces.
Come along and hang with Spike as he does what he does best, and listen to some great music and a few stories too.
If you're a muso, bring an instrument and sit in with the band. If you're not a muso, I'm sure we'll be able to find a tambourine for you if you like...

More sculptural than musical,
more conceptual than actual.

It's the Rolling Stones and Stormy Monday,
it's Hot Gossip and the Bad Seeds,
It's Blue Note and the Yellow House, the Blau Reiter and Black Sabbath.
It's Cold Chisel and the Stone Roses, Pink Floyd, the White Stripes, Bad Religion and the Dirty Three.

It's Adjective Noun, the free improvising quartet born from a decade of the event known as Free For All.  So free that the quartet may have two or four or six members, and may even include the audience.  So free that the only rule is that there must not be any rules.  A performance directed by an open ritual, developed over years of rehearsals in collaboration with hundreds of musicians and onlookers, refined to create a jazz music unrestricted by the rules of jazz...

A Friday night gig


Even if you don't know who Hugh Wilson is - you've definitely heard him... his powerful voice has been one of the most used sounds on Australian television - from tv commercials to aussie dramas. He first grabbed the attention of the media with his win of the StarSearch contest ( similar to Australian Idol ) in the early 1990s. He now lives in New York, and when he's not producing albums, he's writing and recording jingles for Sprite and Microsoft, or touring with Lenny Kravitz and AeroSmith.
This concert will be a one time opportunity to hear Hugh in an acoustic and intimate setting - playing his own songs - with long time friends Andrew Massey on drums and Spike Mason on bass. Expect some special guests to sit in too...





Spike Mason on sax, Matt McMahon on piano.  Two great musicians with a long history of playing together and a deep love of improvised music.  Matt and Spike can both draw from a huge catalogue of standards and each has a long list of original compositions.  It is an important day for me, and I know it will be a perfect night of music.

This new quartet will be playing a collection of original music, jazz standards, and reworked classical tunes arranged especially for this ensemble - featuring henri peipman on piano, spike mason on saxophones, matt gruebner on double bass and tim firth on drums

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