The first performance of Spike Mason’s long-awaited new work - a significant new Australian composition for jazz sextet: Spike Mason (saxophones, composer), Henri Peipman (piano) Kristin Berardi (vocals), gareth lewis (trombone), gillian smith (violin), steve elphick (double bass)

Barney, an absolute rock of the Sydney jazz scene; a rock held aloft by Steve Elphick; forming a contraption propelled by Dave Hibbard.  Mostly standards, a few new pieces; intimate improvisations for an intimate room.

2ser 107.3FM - one of Australia’s longest running community radio broadcasters - turns 30 years old on October 1.  Known throughout this time as a crucial hub for exposing diverse and new music, widescreen culture and independent reporting, they're throwing more than 20 parties around Sydney between October 1 and November 1, 2009.

The World According to James

Sydney's funkiest trombonist cuts a deep deep groove, with Andrew Robson, Steve Elphick, and the world's happiest drummer, Toby Hall

Miss Little

The debut performance for this lineup of Miss Little.  Sarah McCallum will be joined by Matt Keegan on sax and a reel-to-reel tape machine playing drums – all that analogue warmth, with no sweat.

The second in our series of bands led by bass players:

a double bass player with a beautiful and generous style, Steve will play solos duos and trios, with a balance of composition and improvisation, the music he's been borrowing and stealing and making up for all of this life

with two other recognised composing and improvising masters,
Paul Cutlan on saxophone and clarinet
and Phil Slater on trumpet
who knows what might happen!