The Daryl Pratt Sextet is looking forward to a return visit to Colbourne Ave. Influenced by recent developments in improvised music blending acoustic and electronic sounds, the band's repertoire features new pieces by Daryl designed especially for this outstanding line-up.

Richard Maegraith - saxes

Matt Mcmahon - keyboards

Emile Nelson - bass

Philip South - electronics & percussion

Jared Underwood - drums

Daryl Pratt - vibes

Glenn Henrich is a multi-instrumentalist who can be heard playing any of his extensive collection of saxes, clarinets, flutes, recorders, keyboards or vibes. His diverse musical interests and styles range from baroque to classical to romantic to modern 'serious' music, and certainly include many varieties of serious (and not so serious) jazz; latin to swing to bebop and beyond.  This Thursday he will continue our obsession with the vibraphones, playing homage to Milt Jackson and the Modern Jazz Quartet - a distinctive contrapuntal bluesy band who brought the vibes to prominence in the 50s and 60s (i don't know whether they'll wear the pin-stripes).

Earlier year they played their first public show for us.  if you were there you'll know how perfectly constructed each song was.

A feast for the eyes and ears: a stunning musical experience from the Sunwrae Trio on vibraphone, double bass & harp. Featuring original music by Rae Howell, Sunwrae perform two new works from a recent Music Residency in Brazil. Another great Melbourne musician...

Almost twenty years as chair of the percussion unit at the Sydney Con, Daryl will be playing vibraphone with his brand new sextet.  New work designed especially for this ensemble, their first concert...

Debut Performance - here's what they say:

This newly formed jazz quartet features Tim Bradley on Drums, Chris
Frazier on Bass, Kelvin Haisman on Piano, and of course Ed Goyer on

The Hung Drawn Quartet is a jazz group with diverse musical influences.
All four members have contributed to the compositions, giving the
quartet a high degree of interplay and a unique sound.

Over the past eighteen months, the group has been writing, rehearsing
and recording original music. Constantly work-shopping new ideas and
approaches, they have developed an open attitude to writing and
performing while successfully maintaining a musical synergy between the