Thursday, 19 August 2010 20:47

Gavin Ahearn

winter songs winter songs

Gavin Ahearn, Matt Ottignon, Toby Hall, Karl Dunnicluff

music inspired by winter

with a solo set up front by John Dip Silas

Winter Suite

by G. Ahearn

Little Leah

cold winter that year
in the out house, Little Leah barking
empty now.

Roosevelt Avenue

just light, Roosevelt Avenue
3 feet of clean snow, gleaming.
still we trudge to work.

August Window

most have seen beauty
through August windows,
the rain beats softly.

City Lights - Drizzly Winter Night

drive through city night,
drizzle hunkers down
like galaxies


the Winter Suite was preceded by Well You Needn't (Monk), and followed by Nimbus (Ahearn)