Fritz Hauser is a German improvising drummer - solo drumming, theatre shows, compositions for orchestras and ensembles, architectural projects, dance and film.  To get an idea of his scope, you can watch a fantastic concert he performed with 22 percussionists and a massive scaffold :  Hauser's music is equally at home in intricate compositions and spectacular improvisations. His work is thought provoking, subtle and highly distinctive, so it's no surprise that synergy has been collaborating with him since 1998.

this concert will feature the sydney premiere of 'second thought', hauser's new marimba trio written for synergy in 2011 as well as some hard-hitting improvisation.

"Fritz Hauser is simply one of the greatest drummers alive" New York Times


The perfectly controlled tones of these four musicians were largely responsible for our decision to run Colbourne Ave as a venue every week.  They play once a year.  This event actually covers three years, including the Feb 2009 concert with projections from nature.