Six incredible musicians playing complex yet beautiful compositions influenced by recent developments in improvised music. Blending acoustic and electronic sounds, the band's repertoire is all new pieces written by Daryl especially for these outstanding musicians. Daryl Pratt has been Chair of the Percussion Unit at The Sydney Conservatorium of Music since 1991, and for decades he has worked at the forefront of Australia's new jazz as a memer of AtmaSphere, Synergy, and the Australian Art Orchestra.

Richard Maegraith - saxophones
Matt Mcmahon
- keyboards
Emile Nelson
- bass
Philip South
- electronics & percussion
Jared Underwood
- drums
Daryl Pratt - vibraphone


Listen here :

This is an exciting event. The first ever performance of new songs from Floor van der Holst upcoming release of her debut album “1st Floor”, produced by Philip South.

Floors musical background is an exciting mix of classical singing and piano (The Netherlands), jazz singing (Spain) and Musicology (University of Amsterdam). To describe Floors music is simple. Harmonically the music is driven by vocals. Stylistically the music is driven by the story. Atmospherically the music is percussion driven. Metaphorically the music faces various characters.
Remarkably, it still makes sense.

“1st Floor” travels through many different musical styles. Jazz, Pop, R&B, Western Classical, Latin, Folk, Drum ‘n Bass and French Chanson are mapped out, whilst improvisation is the link to making all the styles come together to form Floors style. One could call it Social music, NuJazz, M-Base - if you like TJ Eckleberg you'll like Floor.