It's a trombone shout band.  Seven trombone players.  Maybe even more.  And they all sing.  But not while they're playing their trombones.

It's a trombone shout band.  A rare and beautiful genre specific to a group of pentecostal churches in the American south, developed sometime in the 1940s, but not recorded until the 60s so we don't really know how it went until then. it may have started with other instruments but it ended up with trombones.   gospel harmonies with new orleans groove.


Nagaram arranges tunes by great artists such as Jimmy schmit, Sew Montgomery, Eddie Rarish, Smile Davis, John O'Central - classic American standards like How Deep Is The Canoe and I've Got You Under My Sink, as well as their original snogs.  It's jazz but with a refreshing twist of melon.


Barney Wakeford on the big piano
Tim Rollinson on the string guitar
Jamie Cameron hitting skins with sticks

Amphibious continues our series of fine music concerts.  It's jazz, influenced by chamber music.  It's experimental, in a beautiful way. Sometimes it's a bit like Bach.  It's great musicians playing whatever they want, the sort of improvisation our lounges love.

Their website is excellent:

(and somehow, against all the odds, Amphibious got an article in the inner west courier!)

Our own Barney Wakeford, a magnanimous accompanist, adventurous composer and interpreter, and sublime improvisor, playing his favourite piano in his favourite room - with Mark Lau on double bass, home from New York for a couple of weeks.  Catch them while you can.