Come and celebrate another much needed injection of spring enthusiasm with Liz on her 2013 "Joy Spring Tour"
Accompanied by
Damien Neil on guitar
Nick Southcott on piano
Tim Bradley on Drums
Liz Frencham
Liz is a rare bird. Always a warm, exuberant performer known for multiple successful collaborations (FrenchamSmith, Jigzag and Dev'lish Mary) she is also a captivating soloist. A luminous presence, armed with a double-bass and a smile, oozing cheeky Rickie Lee spontaneity and Joni-style honesty, wrapped in gentle Norah Jones soul. Liz will be accompanied by Damien Neil on guitar.
Paul Greene
Having played with a diverse range of the world's most respected musicians including Ani DiFranco, Patty Griffin and Alvin Youngblood-Hart to name but a few, Greene is no stranger to eloquent songwriting from the heart.  "Greene's genuine songwriting stands above all else." : the Newcastle Herald.

Liz Frencham / Caroline Trengove / Greg Bryce with Nick Southcott & Simon Pitchers.  It's an album-recording rent party - Liz says:
We've been in the studio all week recording a large chunk of album #5 which we've been working up live over the past year. All was well 'til we smashed open the piggy bank and only a couple of sad five cent coins rolled dejectedly around the table top.
So we need your help. We've arranged a fund raising concert (to keep the project running) next wed in Sydney. We'll be playing a whole evenings worth of Jigzag music in return for a suggested donation of something like $20.

The third in our series of bands led by bass players:

Possibly Australia's best female double bass player, with heartwrenching songs and a voice like honey. Now working in Melbourne, Liz will be joined by local pianist Nick Southcott and Newcastle guitarist Robbie Long (current Australian flat-pick guitar champion) for an evening of stupendous revelations and unearthly delights.

16 solo pianists over four weeks.  This series was largely responsible for our decision to host concerts more often.