Two of Sydney's great jazz players, improvisors, and all-round excellent people.  Paul Cutlan plays all the reeds, Gary Daley plays accordion and piano.


Gary and Paul have become firm musical soul buddies over the last few years, discovering their shared passion for twentieth century classical music, world music and free improvisation.  Between them lies a kaleidoscopic world of tone colours, with piano, accordion and various saxophones and clarinets in the mix. From Messiaen to Bartòk, Fats Waller to Steve Swallow, traditional African to atmospheric improv, Gary and Paul will create an engaging evening full of surprise and emotion.

They will be joined in the second set for a guest appearance by another kindred spirit, cellist Ollie Miller.

Here's an interview from earlier this year about Gary's compositional history
And here's an ABC Radio National program featuring one of Paul's compositions

Amphibious continues our series of fine music concerts.  It's jazz, influenced by chamber music.  It's experimental, in a beautiful way. Sometimes it's a bit like Bach.  It's great musicians playing whatever they want, the sort of improvisation our lounges love.

Their website is excellent:

(and somehow, against all the odds, Amphibious got an article in the inner west courier!)