It's a trombone shout band.  Seven trombone players.  Maybe even more.  And they all sing.  But not while they're playing their trombones.

It's a trombone shout band.  A rare and beautiful genre specific to a group of pentecostal churches in the American south, developed sometime in the 1940s, but not recorded until the 60s so we don't really know how it went until then. it may have started with other instruments but it ended up with trombones.   gospel harmonies with new orleans groove.


Munkle is a creation of that musical genius and jazz community stalwart Julian Kerwin.  The project has been emerging from the depths of his mind regularly over the last decade, but not much lately because Martin Kay (clarinet) has been overseas for the past year.  But Martin is in sydney for one thursday, and to mark the occasion they will be airing a bunch of new tunes, as well as making a recording for posterity. 

Unusual compositions, complex harmonies,  quirky melodies, amusing introductions.  It's quite fantastic and a little bit terriffic

Martin Kay - clarinets
Julian Curwin - guitar, banjo
Sam Golding - tuba, trumpet
Danny Heifetz - drums 


John Maddox, the bass/kazoo player of a hundred bands.  He's played a dozen times at Colbourne Ave, he must have spent hundreds of hours busking on King St, and he's played all over Sydney, Australia and the world with Mr Bamboo, Bellyache Ben, Charlie and the Maddox Factory, Djangoholix, Glitch Jukebox, and so many more.  But until now he has never recorded under his own name.  Come and hear the genius, the inspiration, the amazing, the brilliant, the eccentric, the maestro [i found those words by searching the web for john maddox bass] John Maddox.

... and ...

joining him will be one of his most long-term bands, Nadya's 101 Candles Orchestra.  Nadya Golski has led this unique gypsy/jazz/pacific/klezmer band to success throughout Australia and Europe.  Regularly filling the fabulous room at Qirkz, this will be their first appearance at Colbourne Ave.

ps check out this Eastside playlist for a few of John's influences

Their 2009 album was called 'Music To Dance To', so be sure to bring your dancing shoes. You're also likely to hear a bit of bluesy goodness, music from other lands, and seemingly from other planets, all filtered through the unique Munkle lineup. Featuring players from The Tango Saloon, Mike Nock, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Secret Chiefs 3 and Monsieur Camembert.

colbourne ave reimprovisationcome and discover Sydney’s most unique music space!


A sculpture by Ian Scott will be on sale for $1000.

Beer from Little Creatures, wine and food for sale.

media enquiries (02) 8013 8219 / 0405 726 753

$20 / $10 lounges, candlelight, tea and coffee - wine, beer, and food available for this night only.