Thank you everybody, and good night.

The 433rd and last Colbourne Ave concert was a great celebration of music and community.  we talked and jammed til almost morning, then packed up our lamps and went home.  Thank you all for your music and your ears, and extra thanks to everybody who helped us set up or pack down or mentioned us on the radio or shared our emails or facebook events.  You all made a beautiful thing sustainable for longer than we ever imagined.

The room is (as of january 2016) being managed by the Board of Property of the Uniting Church in Australia.  They say they have no plans to sell it, and the last time we talked they were still interested in taking bookings, so if you can find them you can probably still have your album launch / video shoot / whatever in that perfect space.

We're going to enjoy going to other gigs on Thursday nights, and we're talking to a few nice people about starting something new somewhere else.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, please get your jazz fix at 505 in Surrey Hills (the free Tuesday funk & groove night is fantastic), or The Now Now, or the Foundry, or ask somebody how to get to Bohemian Grove.

And once again, thankyou.


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