Coming up at Colbourne Ave :

  • 28 Jul 2016
    Tim Clarkson trio

    “The stars seem to have aligned themselves… His playing achieves an aim of “stillness” in the air that is certainly evident.”
    4/5 stars    – Peter Wockner, Jazz and Beyond 

    The Tim Clarkson Trio is an intimate band with bite to their playing. They bring together elements of music often at odds with each other: their compositions can be rhythmically and melodically intricate, but in spite of this a sense of groove, melodicism and quirky playfulness permeates the band. With a sense of space and occasion, it is music that gets both the head and the heart, not one at expense of the other.

    Tim has a unique approach to saxophone-bass-drum trio which shares roles, often turning elements of the music on their head, with bass and drums often at the forefront. Audiences are always delighted and surprised at their musical twists and turns, and the stories they weave. They have been playing together for a decade, toured nationally and their 2013 album “Land of Free Men” has been heavily featured on ABC Radio. 

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  • 04 Aug 2016
    A moment in time

    An album launch for a four-piece band living on three different continents plus Tasmania.

    You can support the production of the album here : 

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  • 11 Aug 2016
    TJ Eckleberg

    There are those musicians.  The ones who create music , but rarely let it out to the world.  The ones where you have to wait for years to hear a new song, and it's always perfect.  The ones where they only perform once or twice a year, and yet without practice, with only the clarity of imagination, it's perfect.

    TJ isa one of those.  He has created a seventh album.  He's going to play the songs.  And spome old ones too, probably.  It will be sublime.

    As you can imagine, TJ thinks a lot.  You can read some of those thoughts : a good place to start is 


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  • 18 Aug 2016
    Scattered (and James McLean)

    Sam Gill is a young local saxophone player.  The type we like.  He's played freaky post-jazz with The Splinter Orchestra, sparse improv with Simon Barker, and new sydney jazz with his own ensembles. To Colbourne Ave he brings Scattered, a sax-led quintet mostly made up of reeds (with accordion as the keyboard reed, and Julia as the string Reid (that was funny before Julia couldn't make the gig)).

    Read some of this thoughts on some of his influences here : 

    James McLean will be opening with a solo percussion set.  He's from Melbourne, he played a duet with Phil Treloar at colbourne ave last year.  It was really great.


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  • 25 Aug 2016
    The Corridors

    The Corridors began with a long mid-week residency at Corridor bar in Newtown.  They've recorded an album now, and they're stretching their wings, performing as far afield as Marrickville and Glebe.

    It's jazz with jive and a rock and roll vibe, Louis Prima and Bull Moose Jackson style. Rockin tenor sax melodies are the order of the day, and there is plenty to go around for everybody.   

    Justin Fermino and Chris O'Dea : tenor saxes
    Slammin Sam 'Shazzam' Dobson : double bass
    Nick Meredith : drums

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  • 08 Sep 2016
    Mutiny Music by Baecastuff

    One of the great jazz suites to have emerged from Sydney in recent years : A modern music show based on the story, music and culture that developed as a direct consequence of the Mutiny on the Bounty and the clash of Tahitian and English cultures which developed into the language and song of the of the Pitcairn and Norfolk islanders. 

    Rick Robertson – Soprano and Tenor Saxophone
    Phil Slater – Trumpet
    Matt McMahon – Piano, Fender Rhodes Piano, Hammond Organ
    Alexander Hewetson – Acoustic and Fender Bass
    Simon Barker – Drums and Log Drums
    Aykho Akhrif – Percussion


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  • 15 Sep 2016
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  • 22 Sep 2016


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