Two great improvising pianists, both with international careers in improvised / experimental / new music. 

The first time I saw Alister play it changed the way i heard music forever - he (and Sandy Evans) opened a window into jazz improvisation which i have been trying to climb all the way through for ten years.

Austin is cut from the same stuff.  endlessly exploring new musical ideas, both intellectual and aesthetic, at 25 years old he has studied on three continents and composed and recorded in half a dozen forms.

i expect this night to be mesmerising and demanding and beautiful.

A progressive, improvising piano trio from Canberra.  If you liked Tim Stevens and Steven Barry, you'll like Pollen .

"Key to Amalgama is the trio's understanding of the delicate art of subtlety. Even in a moment like the rousing climax of 'Honest Iago', there's a definite restraint at play."

-Adam D Mills-Mess+Noise