Free music quartet Forenzics take you on a dark, noir-ish journey of sound and vision, their sonic instincts and improvisation styles transforming post-rock, noise, jazz and electronic influences into an absolutely unique and engaging live experience. All enhanced by RedCell Disorder’s intense yet atmospheric large scale live projections.

The line-up features Matthew Syres on guitar, Dirk Kruithof on bass/guitar, both using various effects, tunings and preparation, Joe Cummins on trumpet and effects, and Evan McGregor on drums.

Forenzics have released three albums, H3O (2009), Static and Silence (2010), and Build Ruins (2011), this last in collaboration with Japanese electronic artist Ryota Yamamura. Forenzics are currently working on their fourth studio album Malign, to be released late in 2014.

Live, Forenzics are a force to be reckoned with, taking their audiences on a journey that is sometimes wild and tumultuous, sometimes hypnotic and fragile, yet always transporting. Especially when combined, as at this show, with RedCell Disorder’s live visuals projected large scale behind the band. Performance highlights have included playing a packed out Sound Series gig at Hardware Gallery, a live simulcast on Fbi Radio’s New Weird Australia, The International Noise Conference, and Wollongong’s 1/4 inch.

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I was sold on this gig when Matthew said "we are playing at a pub this weekend, you could come and see us but it wouldn't represent what we'd play here, it's a completely different vibe so our sound would be completely different."

Free-improv with trumpet, bass, guitar, drums. Cinematic, hypnotic and unpredictable landscapes of sound.  While each performance is different, the sonic instincts and improvisation styles of each player transform the influences of post-rock, noise, jazz and electronic music into the bands’ distinctive, engaging, and ever-evolving aesthetic. Sometimes wild and tumultuous, sometimes soothing, fragile and hypnotically beautiful, always transporting.

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"A screaming comes across the sky."
Thomas Pynchon.

Lines of Flight are an improvising ensemble who work with an individual set of sounds and ideas taken from the realms of contemporary jazz, rock and metal, art music, experimental beats, and free improvisation. The band features Joe Cummins on trumpet, Casey Golden on piano, Alex Slater on drums, and Sam Pettigrew on bass. The band aim to present simple compositions played with care and passion. We like to talk about our music being 'heavy', 'hardcore', and 'intense', but in reality you can expect Lines of Flight to play songs that are often hypnotic, quite, lyrical, and emotional, delivered with a mix of understated minimalism and joyful improvisation.

Sam and Joe once saw Oren Ambarchi perform. It sounded, and felt, like sitting just behind a jet engine. Lines of Flight are working on creating their own savage sound machine. We're not sure exactly what it is yet, but the engine purrs with the fumey flames of Alasnoaxis, Miles Davis, Arve Henriksen, Radiohead, Holy Other, and the many wonderful musicians on the Sydney scene.

Lines of Flight are excited to be playing at Colbourne Avenue and will present some new compositions to celebrate the occasion.