What's the best thing to come out of Melbourne?  The Hume Highway  boomtish

Travelling up the Hume this week are :

Joe O'Connor - winner of the National Jazz Award at Wangaratta in 2014, and the Bell Award for young jazz artist of the year in 2014

Tim Stevens - Ph. D. in jazz and leader of many jazz ensembles in Sydney and Melbourne over the last two decades.



The winner and a runner-up from last year's Wangaratta Jazz prize : coming up from Melbourne specially for this night.  It will be a rare and special concert.

To help you get to know them, here are the Australian Jazz interviews with Andy and Joe (before anyone knew who the winner would be)

From Joe's interview:

What’s your favourite place to play or practise?

I get very excited when the opportunity presents to play a really nice grand piano in a large, reverberant room. All of the details in the instrument’s sound seem to be amplified. The harmonics in the treble are livelier, the bass is fuller, and the smallest sounds can project with surprising presence.