September 31 (the origin of the name requires an e-mail to itself) was conceived some years ago as a vehicle for some original compositions dating from the early 1980's - while I was relocating to Australia from the UK - up to the present. From these early works I have arranged a suite, each movement of which recalls some tableau or natural phenomenon which made a deep impression on me at the time and which has stayed with me. My avatars include Ellington, Mingus (both of whom I had the good fortune to to see live) Monk, Kurt Weill and of course the other members of the Band who all something refreshing and diverse to bring to the table.

 Personnel of S.31  FH - trumpet/flugel/cornet
                               Elisabeth Kelvin - soprano/tenor sax, clarinet/bass clarinet
                               Leon Dennis - trombone/trumpet/flugel
                               Kees Steen - guitar
                               Elsen Price - double bass/bass guitar
                               Josh Salter - drums/percussion