Renata played for us earlier this year, after asking for a long time.

It was a beautiful gig.  Piano trio, plus sax.  Like a warm autumn day with a hint of cool breeze.  Actually maybe it was a warn autumn day with a hint of cool breeze.

Anyway, she's back with her excellent very-sydney rhythm section of Nic Cicere and Max Alduca.

You can read about her on her own website, which i can't believe I didn't tell you about last time.  It's quite good.

Renata Arrivolo Piano
Richard Gawned Sax 
Max Alduca Bass 
Nic Cecrie Drums

Renata Arrivolo and Richard Gawned met a few years ago playing in the Mortal Blow Big Band.  Both have a passion for improvisation and contemporary jazz . They found a common language exploring musical ideas in a duo setting .

Tonight they will be playing some widely known and lesser known standards.  As well as some originals.

The Wires Project is centred around live musical improvised performances directly influenced by projected video and photography. This project is a collaboration between four Sydney based musicians, a Sydney based videographer/visual designer and a Singapore based Photographer.
The overarching motif of the project is to explore the complex interaction between the Australian and Asian world-views and perspectives. Wires seeks to unravel this interaction through an exposition of the conflicts and congruities inherent when visual art and music are combined.
In practical terms the workflow of the project operates like this:
  1. Singaporean photographer Chia Ming Chien has a number or photographic series capturing the life and architecture of South East Asia. These still images are sent to:
  2. Aymeric De Meautis, our Sydney based VFX artist who renders the stills into video sequences utilising various cutting edge imaging techniques.
  3. Musicians Briana Cowlishaw (Vocals), Gavin Ahearn (Piano), Jonathan Zwartz (Bass) and Nic Cecire (Drums) will interpret the video sequences in a live performance.

Saxophonist, Composer, Arranger, Educator and Bandleader, Sean Coffin is bringing a brand new project to Colbourne Ave. When we were discussing it he said "without stating the obvious will be a musically intense and sensitive collaboration."

with Karl Dunnicliff on bass and Nic Cicere on drums.

This will be Matthias Schubert`s first appearance in Australia after 20 years.
Together with Brett Hirst on bass and Nic Cecire on drums he invites you to join them on their adventure into the world of surprise, suspense and alchemy that hallmarks improvised music.
Since his last visit, Matthias has travelled the world appearing at numerous major festivals. He has been recorded on 60 albums in the field of free improvised and conceptual improvised music. Besides being an Instrumentalist, Matthias Schubert has also become a formidable composer for New Music ensembles.
Tonight will see his long-awaited return to Australia in a classic improvised Jazz trio setting.

I asked Gavin about the music.  He said it'll be more Jackson Pollock than Ken Done.

these guys are heavy.


Originally from Indonesia (in 2005, she led her quartet in the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival) and currently based in Sydney, Pianist Francesca Prihasti is studying under Mike Nock at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and comes to Colbourne Ave having recently played with Dale Barlow in his Sidewoman project. Her six piece band featuring drumming dynamo Nic Cecire, Bassist David Groves and guitarist Nic Vardanega, will be playing original compositions and arrangements of standards, imbued with Prihasti's poise and crystaline focus.

Last week, as i rode my pushie home through the glistening streets, i was thinking about this thing that we create together every thursday night.

A generous community, a warm aesthetic, a space which invites an active engagement with a [ free/sophisticated/intuitive/embodied ] music. A vibe which perfectly marries a beautiful space, an energised audience, and excellent musicians.

Barney and Andrew (that's me) do this without material reward, because Cafe Church allows us to use their space without strings attached, and to attach our own strings might break the magic.  It's a lot of work, choosing next week's musicians from the hundreds of great players we know, and letting all of you know about them.  But every Thursday night it's worth it.

And as i thought these things, riding up the Annandale rise, i realised that i hadn't written anything for Gavin next week, and that he (like George last week, and Dave MacC who photographed this band the last time they played) is a perfect example of everything we have tried to do.  So without further ado, ladies and gentlement, Gavin Ahearn and his incredible trio.

I asked Gavin about the music.
he sent me two awesome Bruce Dawe poems.
i love bruce dawe almost as much as i love Gavin Ahearn.  Gavin is a beautifully creative improvisor whose depth of humanity is amplified through the keys.

With Nic Cecire on drums and Jonathan Zwartz on double bass, I expect an emotionally and musically powerful night of Sydney style jazz.

As a freelance trumpetplayer and vocalist, Elizabeth has supported James Morrison, Gene Pitney and Harry Secombe and was a feature vocalist and soloist with Swing City before taking up songwriting. After performing her songs extensively in the US and Europe in 2007, Elizabeth released her third album,  'On Patrol With The Jazz Police' and in 2009 her song The Dream won Best Song in international competition IAC and was featured on the American US  Smooth Jazz Compilation Album in 2010.

With Bill Risby and Nic Cicere. Have a listen:


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