The Sunwrae Trio performance last year generated heaps of interest, lots of new Colbourne Ave fans, and endless hours of discussion between me and Barney about composition, improvisation, and performance.  This year, Rae Howell will be performing with accomplished musicians and long time collaborators - Rachael Kim (violin), Zachary Johnston (violin), Phoebe Green (viola) and Timothy Blake (cello). Eavesdropping is the fifth Australian tour for Sunwrae and will be featuring new compositions for piano and string quartet.

Formed in 2001, Sunwrae is one of the world’s premiere nu chamber groups. They continue to forge a fresh direction in classical, jazz, and world music, delivering a dynamic musical experience shimmering with complex textures. “When I compose, I always think about the music’s impact in a live setting. For me, the live setting is important because it’s that one memory that people can take away, a memory that can’t be performed again and can’t be experienced at any other time.”