Sydney's piano master plays from his acclaimed 1994 album, Touch.

Hewetson.  McMahon.  Slater.  Barker.
need i say more? ok i will...

Alexander Hewetson, the original bass player in the highly successful 90’s jazz groove outfit D.I.G, also played and recorded with funksters Swoop between 1992 and 1998.  With Climbing Tree he brings his unconstrained grooves and evocative compositions to three of the defining voices of Sydney's jazz scene, trumpeter Phil Slater, pianist Matt McMahon and drummer Simon Barker.

Climbing Tree launched their debut album Tree Music with us back in february 2009 and have been regular visitors ever since.  I love them.  This music is good.  really really good.  if you're think trumpets are too loud, or bands without singers aren't interesting, or modern jazz is boring, come and have your mind changed.

here's what they say:

Climbing Tree are very happy to be back at Colbourne Ave, looking forward to the warm surroundings and friendly atmosphere of Café Church. Climbing Tree’s debut album Tree Music showcases Alexander Hewetson’s talent as a composer with the highly evocative music featuring all original compositions. Alexander’s group showcases three of Australia’s finest musicians in trumpeter Phil Slater, pianist Matt McMahon and drummer Simon Barker, with whom he previously played for about ten years in the group Baecastuff. The group played an integral part in the arrangements and Alexander notes that “sometimes the arranging and writing becomes one and the same thing, especially with such great musicians as these.”

Steven Barry with Alex Boneham and Cam Reid - new original compositions, all written this year!

I've been promising a set from Steven for nearly six months, and finally the tomorrow has come!  After a great performance at 505 a couple of weeks ago, on their way to another one at SIMA next month, Steven, Alex and Cam
are on a roll.  Of course, none of those other venues allow youngsters or let you bring your own wine, and the chairs aren't nearly as comfortable...

If you've seen this trio perform, you'll be here.  if you haven't, think of your favourite musician who you used to hear all the time until they got too busy and stopped playing the comfortable gigs...


Performing unique arrangements of Sting compositions.

with Dave Longo - guitar; special guest Gareth Lewis (Canada) - alto sax; Nic Cecire - Drums; Matt Greubner - Acoustic Bass; and of course Gavin Ahearn - piano and arrangements


i've seen them playing around the hyde park fountain in the wee hours, busking on king street in the mornings, and opening a music festival.  They are Charlotte Craib (vocals) and John Maddox (Acoustic Bass, Kazoo, Percussion) - a very modern interpretation of depression instrumentation.  Maddox is a long-time member of Nadya's 101 Candles Orchestra, and is a legend on the Jazz / world music scene; Charlotte brings amazingly clever insights into standards from Ella Fitzgerald to Horace Silver and original songs, not always finished.

Barney Wakeford

Long-time collaborator of senor Maddox and one of the people responsible for all of the music we present, Barney presents original compositions (never the same way twice) and the songs of Vince Jones and Chet Baker

Barney, an absolute rock of the Sydney jazz scene; a rock held aloft by Steve Elphick; forming a contraption propelled by Dave Hibbard.  Mostly standards, a few new pieces; intimate improvisations for an intimate room.

Probably Australia's most awarded and influential jazz musician.  Over thirty years of pushing boundaries and bringing musicians together, she has helped shape jazz music in australia.
Judy Bailey, Craig Scott, Tim Firth. rare.  exciting.

Our favourite chicago blues-man.

John sent a photo of an old black monkey playing with two baby white tigers


A progressive, improvising piano trio from Canberra.  If you liked Tim Stevens and Steven Barry, you'll like Pollen .

"Key to Amalgama is the trio's understanding of the delicate art of subtlety. Even in a moment like the rousing climax of 'Honest Iago', there's a definite restraint at play."

-Adam D Mills-Mess+Noise

A fundraiser for their ABC Melbourne recording, playing a mix of originals, jazz standards, and jewish tunes. 

You've probably seen Leonie accompanying David Campbell, Christa Hughes, or Edwina Blush.  This trio have been playing together for nearly ten years and are about to record their second album for the ABC. 

“Cohen’s own playing is spacious and lyrical whether soloing or in support. The music is seductive and melodic and the solos are often exquisite.”
Dave Curry - Canberra Times

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