Thursday, 31 May 2012 20:00

Gavin Ahearn trio

Gavin Ahearn Gavin Ahearn © David MacCullagh Photography

Last week, as i rode my pushie home through the glistening streets, i was thinking about this thing that we create together every thursday night.

A generous community, a warm aesthetic, a space which invites an active engagement with a [ free/sophisticated/intuitive/embodied ] music. A vibe which perfectly marries a beautiful space, an energised audience, and excellent musicians.

Barney and Andrew (that's me) do this without material reward, because Cafe Church allows us to use their space without strings attached, and to attach our own strings might break the magic.  It's a lot of work, choosing next week's musicians from the hundreds of great players we know, and letting all of you know about them.  But every Thursday night it's worth it.

And as i thought these things, riding up the Annandale rise, i realised that i hadn't written anything for Gavin next week, and that he (like George last week, and Dave MacC who photographed this band the last time they played) is a perfect example of everything we have tried to do.  So without further ado, ladies and gentlement, Gavin Ahearn and his incredible trio.