Thursday, 21 June 2012 20:00

Yellow Daze Trio (Susan Gai, Carl Dewhurst, Bernie McGann)

Susan Gai Dowling, Carl Dewhurst, Bernie McGann Susan Gai Dowling, Carl Dewhurst, Bernie McGann

this is what i wrote last year, and i can't think of anything better...

Susan Gai changed the way i understand jazz singing.  She's a pillar of the Sydney jazz scene, and her generosity of spirit glows through every song she selects.

Susan will sing with Carl Dewhurst on guitar - an incredibly versatile player of jazz, funk, glitch, grindcore, theatre and anything improvised.  Another great supporter of the jazz community, Carl has played everywhere and with everybody.

And Bernie McGann on saxophone.  A legend of Australian jazz, one of our most awarded, most recognised, most original musicians.  He'll be bringing home fifty years pushing the boundaries of the alto sax.

Three icons of Sydney jazz, distilling decades of experience into their totally distinctive jazz standards and original songs.

Have a look at a video and some photos from their last show here.

And if you still aren't sure... here's an invitation from Susan Gai herself!