Thursday, 10 January 2013 21:00

Kenny's Lab Band - LIVE RECORDING

Mike Kenny Mike Kenny

Jan 9 & 10 @ 8pm  (please be seated by 7:45pm)
Entry: $20/ $15 concession.
Tickets also available at, 1300 GET TIX (438 849) and all moshtix outlets

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Kenny's Lab Band

Mike Kenny: Trumpet and flugelhorn
Richard Maegraith: Saxophones and flute
Jason Morphett: Saxophones
John Harkins: Piano
Brendan Clarke: Bass
Jamie Castrisos: Drums

Mike, Richard, Jason and Jamie were in the RAAF band together for a number of years. Now art and the military go together like oil and water, so to stop their artistic sensibilities from being drilled out of them, they formed 'The Lab Band'. This band was originally a place to try out ideas and keep sane. Eventually, someone who had some biff worked out that they were actually making pretty good music and let them loose at a few jazz festivals. Much to everyone's surprise 'the civilians' actually liked their music, and these square pegs in round holes got a bunch more gigs, just before the top brass decided that that much fun at taxpayers expense should be stopped. A bomb is more bang for your buck than Jamie 'dropping bombs' during LAC Morphett's third chorus of Alone Together. So they went their own way until Mike had the idea; 'lets re-institutionalise the de-militarised lab rats, add a couple of Jazz cats (Harko and Clarkey) and see what happens!' Now take some old standards that everyone knows and loves, run them through some vigorous experiments involving the harmonies of John Coltrane and Roger Frampton and who knows, sparks might fly, explosions take place and the hypothesis that music is the merging of melodies, minds, modes and past masters be proved.

The performances will be recorded over the two nights to make an album and video.