Thursday, 24 May 2007 10:00

Frencham Smith Love Thongs

Thursday 24th May 2007

Thursday 7th Feb 2008

Frencham Smith Love Thongs

Launching their new album, Lovethongs - love on a dry continent. The only Sydney gig of the tour for Fred Smith, expatriate to Washington (USA) and Liz Frencham, now a permanant resident of Preston (Melbourne). Beautiful, lyrical, funny, dry, witty thongs, from Have You Got a Heart - "Cross the Harbour Bridge on the evening run, see North Sydney soak the last rays of the sun" to Sexy Little Woman - "Chuck Berry sang a song about Maybelline, Michael Jackson did a number about Billy Jean, Buddy Holly sang a song about Peggy Sue, here’s a song about a Sexy Little Woman called you!"

"Frencham’s warm vocals could easily melt an iceberg and are the perfect medium for Smith’s emotionally bare lyrics," Eddie O’ Reilly- Newcastle Herald

"The pair spark off each other and imbue the songs with an enthusiasm that bubbles along on the surface of the melodies." Warwick McFadyen, the Age

Supported by the lovely

Brett Robin Wood

Brett sings of girls and umbrellas and kitchens and jumpers. I’d write more but the gig is only four days away.

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