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Colin Offord

Offord,  Morley, Boyd Offord, Morley, Boyd


This is music without borders, rich in new ideas and stylistic, cultural and philosophical influences. Singer and inventor of original instruments Colin Offord has performed in arts and music festivals, concert halls and country halls, cafes and caves, in great cities and remote villages throughout Australia and the world. They are joined by Horn virtuoso Stephen Morley and contra bass clarinet wizard Boyd. This music doesn’t exist yet, it will be created right infront of you, for your ears only and be gone in the stratosphere by the time you leave. It’s a ride you shouldn’t miss!

It's instrumental music that feels vocal, it gets you in the guts and the feet, it's really truly amazing.


“Offord is like a modern troubadour with his artistic crossover of Celtic, Aboriginal, Medieval and Asian music. His performances are enchanting, effortless and always an exciting event. Antoine Legat, Cultuur Magazine, Belgium

“Colin Offord’s combination of wild music and highly original instruments will have you raising your eyebrows and listening like you’ve never listened before. It won’t hurt, really!” Chet Williamson, Rambles Culture Magazine, U.S.A.

The best introduction to Colin's style is a google image search.  See what he can do!
Or just check out his own website :

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