Thursday, 23 July 2015 23:00

Chris Cody

Chris Cody is a bit French Chris Cody is a bit French

Chris is Australian and French.   To prove the French part, here he is in France with a French flag fluttering behind him.

Chris is another Australian musician who left our shores to find fame and fortune where the grass is greener.  He's back, after 25 years composing and playing piano in Paris (and London, Rome, Algiers, the Brussels Jazz Marathon etc).  In that time he's recorded nine albums of his own, and heaps of composition commissions including one for the Sydney Theatre Company, eight films, plus radio, special events, you know the story.

Chris says:
Having just returned from France, a concert in Paris and the Bastille Day celebrations, we will be playing an exciting mix of originals, standards, and some French pieces including: I love Paris (Cole Porter), La Javanaise by French maestro Serge Gainsbourg, and even some Eric Satie! We re-work the French music to capture the more contemporary sounds and grooves of Paris and the many African and Arab influences. This music is featured on the album we have just recorded, due for release in the  spring. The band has also been invited to perform at Wangaratta.