Thursday, 19 May 2016 23:27

TQM4F1 : Bonnie Stewart & co.

Bonnie Stewart : TQM4F1 Bonnie Stewart : TQM4F1

TQM4F1 premiered at the 2016 Tectonics Festival in Adelaide in March. The quintet's members have been collaborating as part of Splinter Orchestra for many years.  Whilst the influence of their beloved larger band of improvisers is obvious, TQM4F1 have forged something new in the smaller format that sets their music apart,  

Cor Fuhler’s preparations on piano often melding with Tony Osborne’s electronic and natural voice sounds whilst Bonnie Stewart introduces percussive textures.  At the forefront of prepared saxophone in Australia are Jim Denley and Peter Farrar, extraordinary then that they are also both at the core of this formulation.  

TQM4F1 are an unpredictable bunch, creating sounds that alternately wash over the audience in great waves of kinetic energy and then diminish to almost imperceptible and fragile articulations.  Don’t miss this great concert when the group will play 2 sets of their unique sounds for the Colbourne Ave. audience.