Finally, a Sydney launch for her first post-Jigzag album, The Time Garden.  Caroline's voice and fiddle bring you songs of heartache and travel.  it's a beautiful album.  not enough people have heard it, but any of them will tell you...

Gary Steel (piano)

Marcus Holden(fiddle)

David Flower (guitar)

Liz Frencham / Caroline Trengove / Greg Bryce with Nick Southcott & Simon Pitchers.  It's an album-recording rent party - Liz says:
We've been in the studio all week recording a large chunk of album #5 which we've been working up live over the past year. All was well 'til we smashed open the piggy bank and only a couple of sad five cent coins rolled dejectedly around the table top.
So we need your help. We've arranged a fund raising concert (to keep the project running) next wed in Sydney. We'll be playing a whole evenings worth of Jigzag music in return for a suggested donation of something like $20.