Thursday, 07 June 2007 10:00

JIGZAG album launch


7th June 2007

JIGZAG album launch

The long-awaited Sydney launch of In The Middle, Jigzag’s fourth album. Jigzag are rarely to be seen outside of the festival circuit, this could be your only chance to see them alone this year.

JIGZAG are excellent cooks who understand that there is no substitute for love & dedication to your craft in both food & music. They have been blending their musical outpourings for nearly ten years now & are tireless in their efforts to get the balance of sound & energy just right. They also understand that sometimes it’s a really unusual combination of ingredients that work together to become a favourite dish. This chemistry is a rare & beautiful thing.

Liz’s double bass, Caroline’s fiddle, and Greg’s guitar are the only ingredients you need for an evening of pure joy.