Forged in the searing desert sands of the Persian Gulf, The League of Rosebud has groovy restraint yet bluesy swing - picture Ahmed Jamal, Ray Brown, and Paul Motion in an oasis in Abu Dhabi.

Barney Wakeford on keys, Steve Lee on drums Nick Hoorweg on bass.

and special guest, Con Campbell on sax for the second set.

Well-worn songs that haven't been worn out.  Jess Green, guitarist with Captain Matchbox, Big Wheel, and occasionally The Catholics; Arne Hanna, working in just about every funk band in Sydney, and Nick Hoorweg from EUSH - reviving the lost art of harmony singing with songs written before amplification, before autotune, before the soloist became king.

They're great songs, songs you've probably forgotten but your mother knew them.  The weaving guitars, the perfect harmonies, the between-the-wars optimism of the tunes as well as the music, will stay with you for weeks.  i promise.

colbourne ave reimprovisationcome and discover Sydney’s most unique music space!


A sculpture by Ian Scott will be on sale for $1000.

Beer from Little Creatures, wine and food for sale.

media enquiries (02) 8013 8219 / 0405 726 753

$20 / $10 lounges, candlelight, tea and coffee - wine, beer, and food available for this night only.


Gareth Malone works hard when he's here, so you will have seen his name up all over town.  this is it, he's got to get back to Zurich, but we're not in a hurry so if you're a long-time fan there will be time for some of what you've been missing.
The presence of Bowie or Mercury with the lightest touch, a poetry perfect for our candlelit vibe.  Don't miss two whole sets of amazingly poised vocals with the beautifully textured support of Meadows, Hoorweg and Hauptmann.

Andrea Soler

She left to find her roots in Paris, built a gypsy following in France and England, then fell into the limelight.   Euro-jazz-folk with a big smile, you'll hear her on a big festival stage one day and remember the intimate night you spent together in Glebe.

Charlie & the Maddox Factory

The cutest, quirkiest duet you've ever heard sing an Ella Fitzgerald song.  The vocal and instrumental improvisations of Charlie (vocals) and John Maddox (one-man orchestra) are a pleasure to watch - beautiful, funny, and unpredictable.
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Gareth J Malone's warm, melodic songs, backed by the subtle, richly arranged vocals and instruments of Nick Hoorweg (bass),  James Hauptmann (drums) and Charlie Meadows (guitar, The Shakers)

From the early 20th century to the not so distant past, the Pre-Loved will  take you on a musical journey guaranteed to entertain and breathe new life into songs from days gone by.  Take a trip down memory lane as The Pre-Loved revive the lost art of harmony singing in an feel-good acoustic instrumental setting.

The Pre-Loved are Jess Green and Arne Hanna on vocals and guitars and Nick Hoorweg on vocals and double bass.