Thursday, 19 May 2011 01:23

Jess Green & the Pre-Loved

Jess Green, Nick Hoorweg, Arne Hanna Jess Green, Nick Hoorweg, Arne Hanna

Well-worn songs that haven't been worn out.  Jess Green, guitarist with Captain Matchbox, Big Wheel, and occasionally The Catholics; Arne Hanna, working in just about every funk band in Sydney, and Nick Hoorweg from EUSH - reviving the lost art of harmony singing with songs written before amplification, before autotune, before the soloist became king.

They're great songs, songs you've probably forgotten but your mother knew them.  The weaving guitars, the perfect harmonies, the between-the-wars optimism of the tunes as well as the music, will stay with you for weeks.  i promise.