Thursday, 17 January 2013 21:00

The Eye Of Chaos

Tim Bradley Tim Bradley

The Eye Of Chaos have come from outer space.

These three aliens have decided that Colbourne Ave will be a great opportunity to showcase their take on Earthly music before they take it to the larger audience that is the rest of the world.

The one who is know as John Maddox has incredible powers. He is capable of virtuosic flights of imagination far beyond normal human abilities. He is able to imitate vocalists from any era with an uncanny likeness. One hears the history of bass in a chorus or two of his playing.

Tim Bradley the drummer has unearthly coordination. He of the three is most obviously an alien. His hands are a blur. One could suspect that he is part machine.

Nigel Date is perhaps the leader of the three. Who can tell though? An enigma wrapped in an anomaly within a paradox. He creates sounds out of his guitar that speak of worlds beyond imagining.

This will be history. Be there to say you were.