Thursday, 27 June 2013 20:00

Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson - Cosmontology Dave Jackson - Cosmontology

Jackson’s quartet does everything well, and most importantly, they do it well together... These are tunes that know how to serve up a melody as the main course, then cast out lines throughout the song so that the melody lingers long after the quartet has developed it into something quite different... These are tunes that have two feet in the present, but can draw their lineage in direct thick lines to the past. And, best of all, these are tunes that are so easy to enjoy, even when the music isn’t simple. A sense of the effortless, from a quartet that plays seamlessly as one...
NY Blog -birdistheworm-

...a highly melodic flow - a hallmark of the album - stated in piano and alto unison with, again, the alto solo flowing into a phasic solo, rising and falling in silvery cycles.
John McBeath - The Australian

...Jackson displays an attractive bright tone and confident attack, and builds his solos with admirable fluency...
Adrian Jackson - Rhythms Magazine.

It's great to hear Dave and Sean playing so well with such a good NY rhythm section. The music is very impressive in the best way... It’s another step up for Australian Jazz.
Mike Nock.

The album is a hugely promising debut and sees Dave quickly establishing himself as one of the most exciting young jazz musicians on the Sydney scene.
Eastside Radio.