Sunday, 21 November 2004 11:00



21st november 2004



With a history in both acapella performance and various bands, Lea brings the two together in a mix of voice and acoustic sound.

Her songs range from tongue-in-cheek humour to heartfelt expressions of the difficulties and joys of everyday life.

She has enlisted the help of Deborah & Spike, for some acapella lushness, & a band of excellent musicians to create an acoustic songscape.

voice - lea mason
voice - deborah dicembre
voice & saxophone - spike mason
acoustic guitar - jeremy sawkins
double bass - mark lau
percussion - andrew massey



Born into music, Peter was surrounded by an enormous range of musical influence. From the jazz roots of his grandparents to his folk singing/songwriting parents, Peter always found something new to listen to.

He took up the drums at age 8 after inheriting his grandfathers kit and quickly founded a sincere love of jazz. After playing for about 6 years and performing in many bands, Peter picked up a guitar and started to teach himself how to play. The first two chords he ever learnt turned into a song, and as his chord vocabulary grew so did his desire to write music. Peter continued playing the drums in the funk outfit “Compos Mentis” with Sam O’Donnel, Mike McCarthy and his brother Tim, but his focus shifted more to his songwriting where he began developing his own style.

A passion for strong melodies and a facination with complex musical arrangements slowly made songwriting his priority over drumming. It wasn’t long before he was sharing compostions and music with michael which then became the beginnings of "The All Piece Band".Now living in Sydney, Peter spends most of his time writing and performing his music.