Mark Isaacs - piano; Brett Hirst - bass; Tim Firth - drums.

This rhythm section - following its 6 year role as the engine room of Mark's fusion-orientated Resurgence band (which released several recordings and toured internationally) - is currently enjoying exploring the core jazz tradition in its unique way, and that is what it will do at Colbourne Avenue.  Their ongoing collaboration with Briana Cowlishaw included doing the Cup Eve Concert at last year's Wangaratta Festival of Jazz (alas, Bri won't be with us this evening).
Mark's classical career continues apace, he has been writing major works for - and performing with - the finest classical players in Australia. His first symphony was premiered by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra in late 2013, and he was co-producer of a television program of this premiere, which you can see on Foxtel. He has just completed a Chamber Symphony, which will be premiered in July at the City Recital Hall, Sydney, by the Omega Ensemble and soprano Jane Sheldon.  And amongst all that, he grounds himself with occasional performances in the classic piano trio format.

It's a couple of years since Mark has played at Colbourne Ave. He's been locked away composing new work for the last six months, but he has emerged to play for us.

Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as “a splendid musical mind” jazz and classical composer and pianist Mark Isaacs has recorded and performed with some of the biggest names in international jazz yet he also writes symphonies and concertos as well as working as a classical pianist. His Resurgence band has been widely acclaimed and tours internationally and now Mark presents the music in a more intimate setting with Resurgence crew members Brett Hirst (bass) and Tim Firth (drums) along with scintillating young Australian vocalist Briana Cowlishaw.

This is music composed and performed for the listener, not at them. Wonderfully integrated, thoughtful and intelligent…..providing some of the best on the cutting edge of accessible jazz ALL ABOUT JAZZ (USA)

Close your eyes and Bri Cowlishaw will take you places familiar, new, nostalgic, painful, peaceful, visceral, and elsewhere THE AUSTRALIAN STAGE


This will be Matthias Schubert`s first appearance in Australia after 20 years.
Together with Brett Hirst on bass and Nic Cecire on drums he invites you to join them on their adventure into the world of surprise, suspense and alchemy that hallmarks improvised music.
Since his last visit, Matthias has travelled the world appearing at numerous major festivals. He has been recorded on 60 albums in the field of free improvised and conceptual improvised music. Besides being an Instrumentalist, Matthias Schubert has also become a formidable composer for New Music ensembles.
Tonight will see his long-awaited return to Australia in a classic improvised Jazz trio setting.